DC Collectibles Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Batman Statue (Review)

Dec 6, 2017


Regardless of what you may think about Batman V Superman, there was some solid merchandise to come from the film. One of which was the DC Collectibles BvS Batman Statue, sculpted by James Marsano. The statue stands 10’5 tall. and features Bats hunched over ready for battle. It’s actually meant to go as a companion piece with the BvS Superman statue. (Which I don’t own…yet)

Admittedly I did not pick this up on immediately, This is a newer purchase for me as it was on sale at Amazon for $50. It still is for those who may be interested, this is a steal for any DC Collectible statue.

The statue comes in two pieces, the actual figure itself and the base. The base is shaped as the Batman V Superman emblem and Batman can attach to the base by a small metal peg.

This statue takes on the likeness of BvS Bats played by Ben Affleck. The face could look a bit more like Affleck, the likeness isn’t entirely there but the details of the 5 o’clock shadow was a great touch. The box looks more like Affleck than the actual statue does, that was the only flaw i found with the statue.

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The cape is made of a cloth material and includes wiring along the side so you can adjust and position the cape any way you like. The cape is pretty large, I tend to push the cape directly behind him to show up Batman’s pose a bit more.

James Marsano does a great job at recreating the texture of Batman’s suit from the film. It almost looks like the entire costume is made from cloth from a certain distance. The details on the boots are a nice touch as well, and feature a bit of wear and tear, which is expected with all the ass Batman kicks daily.

If you are a Batman fan, and are interested in a solid statue at a reasonable price, I would suggest picking up this bad boy.

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