DC Collectibles Designer Series Starfire Statue (Review)

Dec 6, 2017

Sculpted by Jonathan Matthews and based on the art by Amanda Conner, the Starfire Statue stands 12” tall and is part of the DC Designer Series.

I love this statue. One of the first things I look at when it comes to statues is how accurate the face was sculpted and painted and this one looks like it is straight out of an issue of Amanda Conner’s work.

The statue comes with a flat circular base, which Starfire fits snugly on. Attaching her to the stand can get a little tricky, depending on how it’s angled.

The Starfire statue is posing in the same way as Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner’s Starfire #1 (2015). Starfire is posing projecting a starbolt from her finger.One of the many memorable features of Starfire is her long flowing hair and this statue beautifully depicts that as it flows down her entire backside. The greens, purples and orange’s used really make this statue pop, and has really drawn more attention compared to my other statues aligned next to it.

One of the things about DC’s Designer series is how well detailed the sculptures are. The paint work is immaculate. If you are a fan of Starfire, the new 52 design or are looking for a more PG version of Starfire, I would highly suggest picking this one up. This one will light up any collectors shelf.

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