DC Comics: Rebirth Rumor Roundup

Feb 2, 2016


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About a week or so ago, Bleeding Cool reported DC Comics was once again headed for another reboot and due to this, Scott Snyder would be leaving Batman and moving to Detective Comics. The reboot rumor not only stated that Snyder would be leaving but that DC would once again be cancelling a bunch of books and focusing more on the big three (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman) and other stars of their new DC Cinematic Universe.

Once again, thanks to Bleeding Cool, we may have more details on those cancelled books and who is the front runner to take over the new bi-weekly Batman book. Let’s break down each rumor as it comes in.

First, Bleeding Cool reports that each comic that is being relaunched will receive an introductory REBIRTH issue before its scheduled number 1. In the case of books like Batman, which will go bi-weekly during the relaunch, we will receive the rebirth issue and number 1 in the same month. This seems to be the standard MO now when relaunching your comic line as DC did the same thing with ZERO issues when they launched the New 52.

Okay now we start getting into the meat of the rumors. As we all know, with a relaunch comes cancellations, and Bleeding Cool claims to know which books will be cancelled in favor of rebirth. The site admits that their source could be giving them false info so take this information with a grain of salt, but if they are true we can expect the following titles to disappear.

Superman/Wonder Woman
Black Canary
Doctor Fate

Bleeding Cool goes on to say that while these books maybe getting the boot. Their headlining characters will move to star in other titles for example, Starfire will move to Titans, Black Canary to Birds of Prey, Grayson back to Nightwing and so on. If these cancellations are true they are certainty disappointing as Grayson, Midnighter, and Black Canary are some of the best comics DC has put out in years and I hope we see those creators continue that amazing work on another title. Only, time and an official word from DC will tell but lets at least hope Midnighter is lost in the shuffle.

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New Titles
As for new books we might see, Bleeding Cool continues to claim from a mysterious source that “The Super Man,” yes that’s three words, will be a featured title from the publisher, and while they couldn’t offer much in details, the site does think it could be an homage to a past Superman story “The Reign of the Superman” from creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Other titles they mention are…

Man of Steelobvious movie tie-in
New Green Lantern, which will start Power Ring from Earth 3 a current Justice League team member in Geoff Johns’s run
Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps
Justice Society of Americawill return and once again be superheros from the World War II era.

Teen Titans, even though this isn’t a new comic, I think it’s an important note that during rebirth the site claims that Damien Wayne will become the team’s new leader, once again this lines up with their current animated universe in which he will take over the team.

Trinity, this one seems obvious but Bleeding Cool states with the cancellation of Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman we will be getting a comic starring all three most likely to coincide with the cinematic universe.

If these titles are true, it does follow the logic that DC is looking to focus its comics more so on the stars of their upcoming movies, with the exception of New Green Lantern, these titles definitely suggest that direction.

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New Creators
Okay here is the moment we have all been waiting for! In their continued rumor coverage Bleeding Cool says it knows who will be taking over some of DC’s most important and top-selling titles.

First and foremost lets talk about Batman. Currently, Scott Snyder is the man behind Batman but if these rumors are too be believed, the book will be moving to a bi-weekly schedule, forcing Snyder to step away and take his Batman stories to Detective Comics. So, who is the man that DC is looking at to replace him? If Bleeding Cool is right we could see Tom King (Grayson, Sheriff of Babylong, The Vision) take the helm.


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If this is true, and I kind of hope it is, while Snyder was a great Batman writer I think there is no person better right now to replace him than Tom King. An ex-CIA operative and up-and-coming star, King feels like the perfect fit for Batman and can maybe bring some of his CIA field experience into the characters dark and gritty world. Also, this seems to line up with a rumor that King will be leaving Grayson early, could it be to start working on Batman?

DC’s second biggest character is arguably the Man of Steel himself, Superman. And once again Bleeding Cool claims to know who will be taking his bi-weekly comic to new heights. The site claims DC has choose the one and only Peter Tomasi (Batman and Robin, Superman/Wonder Woman). Tomasi is seemingly a safe choice for DC as he is a veteran, journeyman for the company. And while he doesn’t take huge risks, Tomasi does deliver awesome and creative stories.

tomasi oneBatman_and_Robin_Vol_2_1

Source: Bleeding Cool

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