DC gives birth to it’s 1st big event of the Rebirth Era: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad

Sep 2, 2016


justiceleague-vs-suicidesquad-coverDC rebirth has been praised for a return to silver age simplicity, the formula of insular stories that features classic interpretation of heroes battling their villain counterparts has led to the company consistently owning the top 10 comics sales weekly, and surpassing Marvel in over all market share.  DC’s model could not be more different from Marvel’s right now, focus on characters rather than events.  This December that all could change, because DC has anounced it’s first major crossover of the rebirth era: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad.

The event will be a six issue mini-series launching in December written by Joshua Williamson with art by Jason Fabok.  At first glance I applauded DC for the decision to keep this event contained in it’s own mini-series, while shipping the book weekly starting in the second half of December 2016 and wrapping up at the end of January 2017.  As I looked further into the event my excitement began to die down, that’s because the event will also be crossing over into both Justice League as well as Suicide Squad into January.  The publisher also promised the repercussions of the event will be felt through out the DCU moving forward.  Sound Familiar?

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Even as someone who like so many other comics readers suffers from event fatigue right now, I have to admit the premise sounds highly entertaining.  The story will feature Batman finally attempting to hold Amanda Waller accountable by shutting down the Suicide Squad once and for all.  After reading the synopsis I had two initial thoughts: How have they not done this story before, and why was this not the plot of the Suicide Squad film? (Sounds like an epic sequel idea Geoff Johns!)


If DC can keep their events insulated crossing over only throughout a series our two, and keep them limited to only twice a year such as a winter and summer event, I don’t see this as a negative to the new brand that the publisher has established with rebirth.  After all this event does not crossover into every title, but rather only organically into the character groups it affects.  Thus making me hopeful that their can be just as much positive differentiation between DC’s event storytelling from Marvel’s model, just as their has been that positive differentiation on a week to week basis.

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Will you be picking up Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad? Are you wary or cautiously optimistic about DC Rebirth’s first major crossover? Please let us know in the comments below or tweet me @thereelbradbell

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