DC Horror Presents: Soul Plumber 1 (Review)

Oct 7, 2021

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DC Horror Presents: Soul Plumber #1 

From the creators of The Last Podcast On The Left, exorcism just got a whole lot easier. After attending a seminar hosted in a hotel conference room by a mysterious group called the Soul Plumbers, Edgar Wiggins, disgraced former seminary school student, discovers what he thinks is the secret to delivering souls from the thrall of Satan.

DC Comics
Words by: Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski
Art by: John McCrea and PJ Holden
Colors by: Mike Spicer
Letters by: Becca Carey

With the horror season among us, DC brings Soul Plumber. From the creative team of Last Podcast on the Left, we get the story of gas station exorcism, religious con artists, and a lost soul trying to find his way in gods kingdom. 

Edgar Wiggins is looking for his place in the world after falling out of seminary school. His lust for a purpose brings him to a shady gas station in Indianapolis. On a random night, he meets a traveling con artist who invites him to a seminar. There Edgar learns his purpose, and, well, all hell breaks loose. 

Parks and Zebrowski mixes humor, satire, and horror seamlessly that each element blends and feeds into religion. Using the stereotypical gas station patrons adds emphasis to the story’s darker view on religion. Parks and Zebrowski’s characterization of Edgar, Scuzz, Elk, and Harvey is seamlessly intertwined in the narrative. 

The art is bombastic and gritty in the perfect way. McCrea and Holden split duties, and each one does their part great. The art and visuals work perfectly to set the dirty and degrading conditions you would imagine. Each character is unique in their design that allows for their personalities to come through the pages. Having so many elements to combine, McCrea and Holden nail it with ease. 

The story is great and doesn’t lean too heavily one way or another, its approach to satire religion is respectful and doesn’t make fun of believers. This style is tough to manage, especially with how sensitive of a topic it is. They do go over board on the junkie sterotype by having him addicted to diet coke. 

Soul Plumber Final Thoughts

Overall, the story doesn’t lean too much into horror in this issue. It is more of a social commentary on religion and lower class life instead. The issues ending does open the gates to horror. 

Score 8.5

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