DC & Marvel Film News: Namor is back at Marvel Studios, Flash gets a Director, & Captain Marvel Directing Rumors

Jun 3, 2016

Disney gains back the film right’s to Namor the Submariner

On a recent episode of Kevin Smith’s Podcast: Fatman on Batman former Editor and Chief of Marvel Comics confirmed that Disney now has the film rights back to Namor the Submariner previously held at Universal Studios.  While the details of the transfer of rights were not revealed, Quesada said the following regarding the matter: “I can’t speak for studios…As far as I know, yeah we do.” While that isn’t exactly the most resounding answer, Quesada’s weight and Legacy at Marvel remains intact so you can consider it a reputable quote.

As far as the possibilities that this opens for Marvel Studios, I cannot think of a better time for them to get Namor back! The character has a very dynamic and twisted relationship to both Black Panther and his home country of Wakanda in the comics.  This opens the sea’s for the polarizing character to perhaps one day be a major antagonist to the hottest character coming out of Captain America: Civil War.  In more simplistic terms, you didn’t think the Disney was going to let WB/DC corner the market for on screen sea based superheroes did you?

Captain Marvel-Jennifer Kent

Babadook director: Jennifer Kent rumored to be frontrunner as Captain Marvel Director

Director of perhaps one of the best horror film’s of  the past decade the Babadook, Jennifer Kent is reportedly the frontrunner to direct Carol Danvers on screen debut as the popular Captain Marvel.  Recently it was rumored that Brie Larson hot off an academy award from The Room will be playing the title character.  While Kent may not seem like the obvious choice, she is a strong choice.  I like the trend the superhero genre seems to be headed by allowing talented female directors to direct these strong female characters on the big screen like Patty Jenkins in the upcoming Wonder Woman film.  Now if only the comic book companies would let more talented female writers write these strong female characters on the pages.

Captain Marvel hits theaters July 6th 2018



The Flash film get’s it’s new director in Indie Sensation: Rick Famuyiwa

Not long after WB shook up the creative minds working on building their DC Entertainment Universe, Rick Famuyiwa has been officially announced as the replacement to Seth Grahame-Smith who stepped away from the project due to creative differences with WB/DC.  Famuyiwa is best known for directing the beloved indie film: Dope.  The studio reportedly chose Famuyiwa due to his ability to work with young actors and translate the current Flash script into a film that will resonate with younger audiences, and bring the heart of Barry Allen that we all know and love to the big screen.  If Warner’s truly believes that Famuyiwa can translate that heart to the film, then WB has made a wise choice because no comic book character embodies the selflessness and goodwill that it means to be a hero like Barry Allen’s Flash does.

The Flash hits theaters March 16th 2018

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