Dead Cereus (Review)

Feb 28, 2022

Dead Cereus

Dead Cereus is a coming-of-age, romantic, crime thriller and the much-anticipated debut from Kira Seamon.

The story unfolds at one of the top 5 greenhouses at Shellesby College, where a young accident-prone scholarship student battles to stay out of self-imposed trouble. The prestigious Morning Glory event, entrusted to Holly Jackson included hosting donors to the college greenhouses.  If deemed a success she would redeem herself in the eyes of the Director of Horticulture. Alas, Holly is unlucky despite her best efforts. Events are then set in motion. A long-term rivalry between Holly and Ivy Berkeley, who is the daughter of the Director of Horticulture Professor Emeritus Ashton Berkeley – which exacerbates the situation.


Written by: Kira Seamon

Publication date: 18 January 2022

The story has a little bit of a slow start.

This is intentional. The author tries to create a visual for the reader, going to great depths to describe and create the atmosphere and scenery.  Her love for botany is evident, so much so that she consulted with a botanist when writing this book.  

This story revolves around the feisty Holly Jackson and her boyfriend William, and the trouble that only apparently redheads can get into. Add to the mix, along with rivalry, a sprinkle of pettiness and spitefulness, a murder (or three), a much-needed scholarship, suspension, a possible expulsion, an unexpected friendship, and finally the emergence of a heroine.  

Final Thoughts:

Dead Cereus: Unfortunately, this is not a murder “mystery”. I was eagerly awaiting a twist, a turn of events. None came. Dead Cereus is a straightforward read, with a whole lot of mushy young love.

A pleasant surprise though, the author included the recipes for the delicious food mentioned throughout the book towards the end.

Score: 6.5