Deadpool #5 REVIEW

Oct 8, 2018

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Deadpool #5
Marvel Comics

Written by: Skottie Young
Art by: Scott Hepburn
Colors by: Ian Hearing
Letters by: Jeff Eckleberry 

First things first, Deadpool #5 does not strike me as a necessary read for the current run of Deadpool. It’s just a single-issue story where a lot of people die.

Surprisingly though, none of it was Deadpool’s fault.

Well, Mick’s death may have been Wade’s fault. Indirectly, of course.

This was a weird one for Wade Wilson though. Grandmas and grandpas turned zombies over a walk-a-thon title by Black Talon – who made sure not to wear his old chicken mask in front of Deadpool. (Wade mocked him for it in Deadpool #29 in 1999.)

This issue was kind of funny, but definitely a step back from the last issue.

Now, I understand this issue is a Halloween special, but this is the second issue in a row that’s a stand-alone story. I don’t mind that at all for Deadpool, if that’s the plan. Deadpool #5 just – well, it kind of caught me off guard. Maybe because character under every publisher pretty much has a running theme or arc over a few issues. Maybe it’s because I wanted a little more Deadpool fighting.

Or maybe it was because this was a Halloween “special” that came on OCTOBER 3RD. Seems a tad bit early to me. I guess I should just be thankful is not a Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanza, or whatever else is celebrated in December, special.

One thing you can count on Skottie Young for in his writing: he always comes up with good lines. (Loved his work with Rocket and Groot.) The one that stuck with me came from Kostas, the mall employee, who technically lost his bet on the walk-a-thon with Deadpool because his contestant cheated:

“I hope you’re all happy. I’m done with this job and this %$&# Mall. It’s like living in the plot of a bad comic book! I’m over it!

Very ironic. (Insert golf clap.)

Spoiler alert, Kostas didn’t survive the issue.

Seriously though, an OK issue, by no means a must-read though.