Jun 14, 2022

Deadpool Samurai Vol 2 is out and the wacky adventure continues. The Merc with a Mouth continues his journey to strive for greatness to be seen as a real HERO. But, will this be possible or will he be faced with a devilish handsome foe that not even he can convince about his righteous ways? Want to find out? Yes? then go by the Manga you will not be disappointed.


Written by: Sanshiro Kasama
Art by: Hikaru Uesugi
Translation by: Amanda Haley

What a Ride

Mr. Pool has more than proven himself to be worthy of the prestigious Avengers Samurai Squad. And now that I have typed that out I think I might have overlooked a joke whether it is intentional or unintentional I can’t say. Let’s just say the abbreviation should make for a laugh. But back to the story at hand, the Samurai Squad is comprised of Sakura Spider, Neiro, and Kage. Yes, not the long lineup of the original Avengers but how bad can the situation get in Tokyo. Well to be honest pretty darn bad. We have the ever deceitful god of mischief Loki to contend with, and he is still trying to convince Deadpool to come over to the dark side.

But there is a bigger, meaner, and bad-to-the-bone threat that Deadpool needs to contend with first. Yes, he is purple and no it is not the loveable dinosaur, obviously. A lot is going on in this volume and it is chaotic to describe it best.

With a large number of guess appearances and one, let’s just say “ I am here!” There is also a ton of references to popular Manga and fourth wall breaking  


As with the previous issue, the art is still what you would expect from a comic book meets manga series. Characters are easily distinguishable and the action sequences flow well.

Final Thought

Is Deadpool’s run-over in the manga? Well with the baddies caught and Loki defeated there is not much further to explore. But, it is Deadpool and he usually finds himself in strange yet wonderful situations that break boundaries from comics to manga to the fourth wall. Will I love to see a reference in Deadpool 3 (film starring Ryan Reynolds) to this manga, yes I would absolutely go bonkers if that is ever to happen? Because Deadpool Samurai is truly worth your time.

Score: 8.5