Review: Demon’s Souls

Aug 7, 2010


Demon’s Souls-US

GeekswithWives Mini- Review

Platform(s) PS3



Demon’s Souls is an immersive, unforgiving dive into a redefined take on death in video games. Demons Souls is a game that requires attention to play, careful planning and a lot of patience. You will learn how to die, die some more, die trying to get your body and die again. While this is going to be frustrating to some, you learn that death can also be a good thing. Whoa, what, how could I just say that.  There  are parts of the game that pretty much require you to die, such as altering your character or world tendency.(explained later)

The story is more of an underlying experience, discovered by the player as they progress through the levels. There is a small amount of history about individuals or areas that is available, although it doesn’t play a part in the game play experience.

The Nexus, which is somewhat of a safe area amidst the destruction and desolate wasteland outside, gives  access to an expanded inventory, NPC’s and large markers called Arch stones, which are basically level markers that allow you to travel to specific locations.

Each level is broken into sub-levels and makes for a breath of air in an otherwise chokingly difficult game, especially at the beginning and at particular parts. There are also Arch stones at the end of each sub-level to allow you instant travel to and from the Nexus.

Character development is going to be shallow to some but it will feel rewarding to all. True to the name, souls is the currency of your progression and you can spend them on upgrades of all kinds, from new spells, weapons, special items to stat bonuses. You also use them to repair your gear.

There are a few things about Demon’s Souls that are very different from other games at least I’ve played. The first is the ability to play the game “dead” or in “soul form”. You will spend most of the game this way and it offers pro’s and con’s just as “living” or “body form”. Also, there are tendencies in the game which at its basic level, translate how evil a character is or an individual world. The effect on that requires a lot of detail but it does play a huge role in the difficulty of the game, expansion of new areas and acquisition of unique items.

Demons Souls is a great game, challenging, rewarding and worth playing for RPG or adventure fans.

The world is beautiful, character models are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Environment is lifelike and realistic.

Purchase @ $60