Details on Paul Rudd’s ‘Ghostbusters 2020’ Character Revealed

Sep 17, 2019

There is a new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie coming next year, which takes place in the same universe as the original film. Jason Reitman, son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman is taking the reins. Ivan is still a producer on ‘Ghostbusters 2020’ however, and recently revealed new information about a character appearing in the movie.

It was previously announced that ‘Ant-Man’ star Paul Rudd would be appearing in the film as a teacher. But in talking to Entertainment Tonight, Ivan revealed more details about Rudd’s character.

“Well, he’s a seismologist who’s come to this small town because they’ve been having mysterious earthquakes. He’s also teaching summer school there.”

It is a safe bet that to assume that the “mysterious earthquakes” have to do with paranormal activity in a movie with ‘Ghostbusters’ in the title. It seems that “teacher” is secondary to what his real motives are.

Jason Reitman has been subtly teasing things, like the Ecto-1 and a photo of some of the new cast members filming the movie. While you can make deductions from the photo, like they absolutely have to be Egon Spengler’s (Harold Ramis) family, Jason has been cagey about revealing anything. This is the most detail we’ve been given about anything in the movie so far.

There were plans in the 90s for a 3rd ‘Ghostbusters’ film to pass on the mantle to the next generation. People like Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and other SNL alums were considered. But nothing like that happened. The closest we got to a 3rd ‘Ghostbusters’ movie was the video game that came out in 2009. It wouldn’t be surprising if Rudd was being set up to anchor “the next generation”.

The franchise got the “reboot treatment” in 2016, with an all female cast. That movie was in a separate timeline from anything established previously. A “legacy-quel” like ‘Ghostbusters 2020’ is a much better decision than a clean reboot. Original actors Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and Sigourney Weaver have already been confirmed to appear. Bill Murray will very likely return as well.

‘Ghostbusters 2020’ hits theaters July 10, 2020.

Source: Entertainment Tonight via MSN

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