Detective Comics #1016 (Review)

Nov 27, 2019

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Detective Comics #1016
DC Comics


Written by Peter J Tomasi
Art by Doug Mahnke and Tyler Kirkham
Inks by Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Mark Irwin and Tyler Kirkham
Colors by David Baron
Letters by Rob Leigh

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The hunt for Nora Fries will come to an end with a twist.

The compound Mr. Freeze got from Lex Luthor has brought his beloved Nora back to life, but it’s twisted her mind to the point that Victor has to team up with Batman to stop her reign of terror on the city.

After Nora leaves him an icy message at the grave of her parents, Victor tells Batman where they will be able to find her. At the Gotham museum, the battle against Nora will come to a head with Victor both betraying and being betrayed, Batman fighting to save the people Nora has frozen and Nora Fries asserting both her dominance and independence by giving her husband a taste of his own medicine.

Tomasi brings this arc to a satisfying and entertaining conclusion that opens up a slew of new stories for the characters and has an ironic twist that I loved. Teaming up Freeze and Batman was great, especially the fact that their interactions would be full of tension and the knowledge that at some point Victor would betray Batman. The action and story are well done and the dialogue leans into the detective aspect of the story perfectly. Mahnke and Kirkham deliver some beautifully detailed and engaging art in this issue. The action scenes are fantastic and full of energy. The artists know how to ramp up the tension panel to panel and the nature of this story gives them ample opportunity to deliver some beautiful visual moments.

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