Detective Comics #1026 (Review)

Aug 26, 2020

Detective Comics #1026
DC Comics

Written by Peter J Tomasi
Art by Kenneth Rocafort
Colors by Daniel Brown
Letters by Rob Leigh

The fallout from Joker War is hitting the underground lair of Killer Croc.

As the Joker Wart continues to rage across Gotham City, Batman finds himself watching a new set of events unfold as a group of guards gets attacked on the street by an unknown assailant. To make matters worse, more people start getting abducted from off the street and dragged into the sewers. Batman takes to the sewers to find the victims and answers.

After making his way to the underground lair of Killer Croc, Batman discovers that the former villain has plans for his abductees. Plans that include the gallons of toxic chemicals Joker’s goons have been flooding into the sewers and Croc’s mutated henchmen are only the beginning.

I understand what Peter J Tomasi is trying to say in this issue, especially with the theme of collateral damage being so prominent, but the way the story unfolds just leaves too many elements lacking in resolution. This is a bigger story than one issue could contain and if it had been given more than one issue to unfold, it might have been more engaging emotionally. Instead, it falls into the “okay” category because it made its point and got there well, but there are way too many story holes and plot details that were left out or truncated to make room for a battle scene between Batman and Killer Croc.

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Kenneth Rocafort’s art is always impressive. Every page is filled with beautiful details and the action is fantastic. A great looking issue all around that is filled with vibrancy and action.

Score: 7.4

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