Devil’s Reign #4: Marvel Comics Review

Feb 7, 2022

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Devil's Reign #4 main cover

The Devil’s Reign continues burning the city of New York! If you missed out on my reviews of issues 1 and 2, be sure to check them out before reading this one! How is Devil’s Reign #4?

Marvel Comics
Written By: Chip Zdarsky
Art By: Marco Checchetto
Colors By: Marcio Menyz
Letters By: Clayton Cowles

A Simple Plot with Magnificent results

This event is the perfect example of how a Marvel event should go! Though it still doesn’t have the biggest or most complicated plot, it doesn’t need to! What a quality Marvel event needs is great action, strong storytelling, and a massive emphasis on characters. Zdarsky delivers on all these areas in Devil’s Reign #4. If you were starting to get comfortable with this event, not to worry, the gasoline is on the fire and it’s starting to feel like X-Men’s “Inferno” now!

The Street Action We All Want To See!

In my past reviews, I’ve mentioned how nice it is to see the heroes fighting in the streets rather than in cosmic space or some other world that isn’t ours. Devil’s Reign continues to feel grounding in this manner and it’s great to see every hero get a solid moment to shine. Furthermore, it’s great to see adult AND kid heroes alike fighting together. No more of the adults going “bUt yOU’rE a cHiLD!”. I say, if they wanna be heroes, let ’em, and it appears the adult heroes are finally in agreement with me!

Authentic Storytelling and Characters

Zdarsky is a wonderful and consistent storyteller, but do you know who else is? Artist Marco Checchetto! Storytelling in comics is not just the words said or narrated, it’s how each moment moves from panel to panel, why someone is placed on the left side instead of the left, and so much more. Checchetto’s art continues to be flawless in this all-too-real event and really makes me feel a part of the story!

Furthermore, every character is written in character well. This may sound like the bare minimum, but hear me out, that is HARD to do in an event filled with over 10 superheroes. It’s so great to read every character’s dialogue and feel like that IS actually them and look at each one and say “wow, that still looks like them!” (except for Luke Cage, but you can read about that in my other Devil’s Reign reviews! It’s a coloring issue).

This issue ends on a perfectly predictable cliffhanger! Even if we all saw it coming, we still have NO idea what will come from this cliffhanger as a result. I couldn’t be more excited to see what final battle we are going to get in the next issue or two!

Devil’s Reign: the new blueprint for marvel events

This event hasn’t faltered since its first issue. Overcoming its similarities to the Civil War event, it’s making a mark on the entire Marvel universe, even if it really is mostly a Daredevil event. Grab Devil’s Reign today and make sure you are picking up Daredevil as well!

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