Diamond Select Marvel Gallery: Silk PVC Statue Review

Aug 17, 2018


With the recent news that Sony Pictures maybe developing a movie based on one of the newest heroes to enter the Spider-verse, Silk, we thought it would be a great time to take an in-depth look at Diamond Select’s Marvel Gallery Silk PVC Statue. Cindy Moon made her first appearance in comics in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 in 2014 from creator Dan Slott. Locked away in a bunker Moon and her powers were hidden from the world after she was bitten by the same spider that gave Peter Parker his powers. But unlike Parker Moon was discovered and Ezekiel Sims finds Moon and offers to help her control these newfound abilities. As new villains arise and more specifically the world is introduced to “spider” devourer Morlun, Ezekiel does what he thinks is best to protect Cindy and locks her away deep underground. During the event’s of “Original Sin” Spider-Man is gifted a vision of Moon and her journey and vows to find her and set her free. Once he does Moon sets out to become her own hero and dawns the name Silk.

Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira and standing approximately nine inches tall this statue appears to jump off its stand as Cindy Moon prepares to use her powers to take down New York’s bad guys. I love the pose she is in as it is not outlandishly impractical and fits her character well. With one leg up and her left arm straight back you can almost feel the force she is using to lift herself from the stand. It also does a good job of displaying the costume and character without hiding too much in an awkward pose. Starting at the top of the sculpt Moon’s expression and hair are what really sells her personality because her mouth is covered, the eyes are forced to draw you in with an “I mean business” look that lets anyone in her vicinity know this is a hero you don’t want to cross. Her hair is long and flows in the wind as she leaps into action against her foes, adding an excellent sense of motion to the piece.

The midsection of the piece is the busiest and most interesting as her costume is a cross between, Venom, Spider-Man and The Flash. I love her color scheme and the lines of her costume. They really draw in your eye and actually hide her chest area making her not look overly buxom. But as I move in to really take in the details of the statue I did notice some paint was missing in the chest area and that’s always a shame as it lowers the overall quality of the piece. My favorite part of any statue is the effects and display of powers and Moon’s are on full display especially in the base, but we get some great silk projectiles out of each of her hands featuring a clear blue color that contrasts nicely with the white, red and black of her suit.

As we move down the statue it becomes more problematic equality wise as there appears to be a big seam where the thigh meets her waist, it’s extemely off putting and puts a damper on what is a great looking piece. I also find her backside and waist as the proportions look very unrealistic and too comic-bookey. I would have liked to have seen the sculpt not exaggerate this proportions to an obviously cartoonish level. But as we continue down the statue the legs are nearly perfect and the stand is maybe one of my favorite parts of the piece. I love the explosion of blue webbing she is standing upon and the pilar of webbing forming from her right hand. It’s almost as if she is gliding on it. The webbing, feet, hand, and stance really come together nicely to create a very unique and eye-catching action pose that more statues need to replicate.

The Diamond Select Marvel Gallery PVC Silk statue is a must own if you’re a fan of the character or female superheroes. Despite some minor flaws in the sculpt in the thigh area and some missed paint in the chest, it’s really a beautiful piece that displays the personality and powers of this character nicely. Her eyes appear to stare right through you as she glides toward you on a bed of translucent blue webbing, its hard not to stop and stare back. If you’re, not a Silk fan this probably isn’t the piece for you, it has too many flaws for an avid collector and the character may be too new to the world of comics to really be the centerpiece of your collection. Her exaggerated proportions may be a turn off for some but it’s a minor quibble especially considering how cool the costume looks, how well the lines draw your eye and the fantastic action pose she is making. It maybe a statue you don’t like at first but once you put it on your self it will draw you into its web.

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