Diamond Select DC Gallery Batman Beyond Statue Review

Sep 12, 2018


DC Universe is bringing Batman Beyond back to the small screen when their new streaming app. So we thought this would be the perfect time to review Diamond Selects nearly perfect Batman Beyond PVC Diorama Statue. Standing 10 inches tall and sculpted by Varner Studios, Terry McGinnis is poised to take flight and take down the criminals of futuristic Gotham Batman Beyond. At first glance, this statue appears to have leaped from the small screen into glorious 3D as the Batman Beyond animated series comes with life with this beautifully rendered statue. Going, to be honest, this review will be short and sweet as there is very little not to love about this piece, as its simple but action-oriented design brings Terry McGinnis from your tv screen to your shelf and its utter perfection.

The design from top to bottom is sleek, sexy and spot on to its animated counterpart. Vander Studios has really nailed this sculpt as the pose features Batman Beyond’s coolest features while also creating a practical design that makes it perfect for display. With his wings spread and boot-jest firing, McGinnis hovers above a cloud of smoke displaying his costume is in epic style for all to see. The matte black and red finish really bring home the fact this statue is straight from the animated series as it gives off the same look as the cartoon that inspired it. I really have nothing bad to say about this piece, it’s flawless. The spread wings, use of smoke for the stand, even McGinnis expression all sell the statue as a must-own for fans of the character and series. It’s simple design and paint job are really its best features as they live little room for error and allow the piece to stand out where it counts most.

My favorite thing about this piece is looking at it straight on, as it becomes a feast for the fanboy eyeballs. The spread wings with bright red underneath compliment the red bad symbol that appears to be making the same gesture. The pose with arms and legs out and chest puffed out allow for the entire statue to be exposed as nothing is hidden behind an awkward pose and every inch of the piece is proudly displayed. The other fantastic part of this piece is the jet blasts and smoke feature that make up its stand. It’s a very clever way to integrate design and practicality while giving the statue a sense of motion and action-oriented pose, which is always a huge plus in my book. I hate statues that just feature our hero standing like they are getting their picture taken, give me a piece that looks like its been pulled straight from a comic/tv show mid-action sequence and once again Vander Studios does this perfectly. Now that DC Universe is live and Batman Beyond is sure to be on the minds of fans once again, you should really look into acquiring this piece if you are a fan of the series, its everything you want in a collectible, gorgeous, prominent, eye-catching and affordable. It’s really BEYOND amazing and probably my favorite statue in my display case to date.

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