Diamond Select Marvel Gallery Luke Cage Netflix Series PVC Statue REVIEW

Jun 22, 2018

Luke Cage Season 2 is upon us as the bulletproof hero makes his triumphant return to Netflix. This street-level hero is looking to once again clean up Harlem using his superhuman strength and invulnerable skin and we thought this would be the perfect time to take a detailed look at Diamond Select’s Marvel Gallery Luke Cage Netflix Series PVC statue. Sculpted by Rocco Tartamella the statue stands approximately 10 inches tall and features the likeness of actor Mike Colter as he stands ready for action on a Harlem rooftop.

The statues detail is stunning both up close and far away. Dawning jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie, we don’t get the wow factor of a traditional superhero costume but fans of the Netflix series will surely be happy with this more subtle look. The face detail is astounding as this figure really does reasonable Coulter, but as you move in closer you can see tiny flaws and indents in the sculpt, but they don’t take away from the overall look and are only really noticeable when your close-up.

As you move down the piece and reach the bullet-riddled hoodie, this is really the only place you can tell your looking at a superhero. The contracts of colors is an odd choice as the red t-shirt with the grey and yellow hoodie really don’t match well, but luckily you eyes are drawn to the imposing stance and the plethora of bullet holes that grace his chest. As we move in close though, more flaws begin to show as the paint from the hoodie seems to bleed into the zipper, again not something extremely noticeable but any hardcore collector won’t be happy with this misstep.

Moving down the body we don’t get much else in the way of WOW factor but the detail on the jeans, their folds and color are great, same goes with his shoes, this section of the statue although simple is very clean and nearly flawless. The stand is a great touch and fits the character well as it invokes the New York setting he is famous for protecting. One thing I definitely noticed when picking up the statue was how light it was, at first glance, it appears it would be more weighty but once you grab a hold of it doesn’t feel as heavy as you may like.

Luke Cage is a strong, imposing and personable character and this statue certainly invokes the characters look and personality. Despite some minor flaws in the sculpt and paint job its likeness is uncanny and it’s really a good looking piece. Fans of the comic may want a little more in the way of costuming but fans of the Netflix series will be happy with the likeness and accuracy to that series. This statue is poised and ready to protect the mean streets of Harlem and it will have most fans yelling “Sweet Christmas” when they add it to their collection.

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