Diamond Select Netflix Daredevil and Elektra Statue Review

Oct 21, 2018


The devil of Hell’s Kitchen has returned to Netflix for his 3rd season and as Matt Murdock looks to rise from the ashes and become the Man Without Fear once again, we could think of no better time to check out a couple of the series’ heavy hitter’s Diamond Select Statues. Daredevil and Elektra are one of Marvel’s power couples and even though they have a very on again off again relationship these two night-stalking vigilantes go together like ninja’s and the night. Both statues feature our hero and his assassin lover standing tall, ready to protect their city from The Hand or Wilson Fisk. But due to some minor missed details, one piece stands taller than the other and becomes a must own for every Daredevil fanboy.

Elektra stands 11 inches tall as she gracefully struts into action. Sculpted by Varner Studios this issue oozes confidence as cold-blooded assassin Elektra Natchios stalks The Hand. Although she made her presence known in Daredevil season 2, this piece lacks the lasting impact. From afar the statue looks good without being over gaudy or action-oriented, but once you move in close, some glaring mistakes show their hand and lessen the statues quality and overall aesthetic. The body sculpt is nearly flawless and shows its complexity via the folds and creases of the costume. The black and red coloring shines in the light giving us a striking image that brings the show to life. Unfortunately, this is all thrown off a bit but the decision to give her gold Sai. This drastic color change is jarring and seems like an odd choice considering how much better silver Sai would have looked.

My favorite part of the piece is probably her hair. It’s big, flowing, detailed and immediately captures the eye. But again this great feature is immediately tainted by a bad one as the paint job on the face sculpt is off-putting, to say the least. While the rest of the statue feels simple yet extremely detailed, the face feels like the piece they spent the least amount of time on. It’s almost doll-like in its structure and appearance. And coupled with a paint job that shortens her lips and has her eyes pointing in two different directions,  It’s tough to look at. Outside of the suits detail and luscious flowing locks, there is little to love about this piece. This Elektra is definitely missing that, “If Looks Could Kill” quality.

Luckily if the Elektra piece didn’t catch your eye, the Daredevil statue is here to save the day. Standing 11 inches tall and sculpted by Rocco Tartamella this Man Without Fear is peering over Hell’s Kitchen. There is little not love about this statue, it truly brings the show to your shelf or display case. My only complaint is my complaint with most of these Netflix statues but his pose is boring and uninspired. Other than that its a nearly perfect statue. The sculpt and thus costume like Elektra are simple but extremely detailed and thanks to some help from the paint job, the costume looks like it has a realistic texture and isn’t just PVC. Seriously, Murdock has never looked so good.

Minus a dynamic pose Daredevil fans get everything they want from this statue. A stoic, yet watchful hero, his iconic billy club, and a deep red costume that earns him the name the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a great, simple, affordable piece, that looks way more expensive than it is. Fans of the series and characters would have to be blind not to see this is a must own for their collection.


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