Diamond Select’s DC Movie Gallery Aquaman and Ocean Master Statue Reviews

Mar 10, 2019


Aquaman flooded theaters to the delight of audiences last winter, and now as the hit film becomes available to enjoy from the comfort of your own home, we employ you to consider adding a few view companions to really enhance the Aquaman experience in your living room. Diamond Select’s DC Movie Gallery Aquaman and Ocean Master PVC Diorama’s are the perfect collectible for your own personal Atlantis. These stunning statues each stand 9-inches tall and were sculpted by Rocco Tartamella based on the designs by Mark Wong. Designed to be companion pieces each figure features the actor’s likeness in their now iconic final battle attire ready to face-0ff against the other. Replicating the films final battle Aquaman and Ocean Master raise their weapons against one another in a fight for the Throne of Atlantis as its a Diamond Select masterpiece.

Aquaman and his over the top cast of support characters and villains are primed for statue excellency. Their big, bright, and bombastic costuming and coloring make for eye-catching and infinitely displayable figures. From head to toe both Aquaman and Ocean Master, are damn near flawless and appear as if they leaped off the big screen on onto my display shelf. The attention to detail seems to have gone above and beyond as Mamoa’s likeness is unmatched, down to the signature scar on his eyebrow and highlighted hair. While Patrick Wilson’s likeness is hidden behind a mask, it was the right choice as Ocean Master’s final look in the film reveals that of Authors. From the animated mask to the silver and purple color scheme, Ocean Masters armor is beautifully rendered and realized in this figure. In fact, both are, Aquaman’s contrast between green, gold and orange shine beautifully under the light as the hero’s heroism literally shines through his costume. Not to be outdone but his half brother, Ocean Masters’ armor is also inhanced with the right lighting as it leams and shines in the light much like the inside of an abalone shell, appropriately enough.

If you can only by one figure this year, too bad, you need to buy two and it has to be Diamond Select’s Aquaman and Ocean Master. Big, bright, and beautiful, these citizens of Atlantis bring the ocean and everything we love about it to your collection. Aquaman fans, if you don’t already own these you owe it to yourself to pick them up. They embody everything we loved about the film and its best moments while also paying the ultimate homage to the comics that inspired them. Diamond Select has really out done themselves with these statues and if you add them to your collection they are guaranteed to make waves.

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