Diamond Select’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack And Sally Statue (Review)

Dec 21, 2020

It’s that time of year again. The air is crisp and cold, presents line your Christmas tree and The Nightmare Before Christmas runs on repeat on your TV, or at least in my house it does. To celebrate the season Diamond Select offers a beautiful statue featuring an iconic scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas as Jack and Sally meet and sing on top of a spiraling pile of snow. It’s a beautiful moment that caps off a wonderful movie and I am honored to have this immortalized in porcelain and decorating my home this holiday season.

Standing a stature esque 14 inches tall this PVC statue depicts the final moments of the film as Jack realizes his purpose as King of Halloween as him and Sally embrace. It’s a touching moment perfectly recreated in this stunning figure. Every detail is accounted for, from the spiraling, to Jake’s foot prints leading to sally and the power covered pumpkins and tombstones this piece embodies the film in every way possible. I absolutely love this work of art. It’s extremely detailed, the characters are spot on and have a sense of emotion and movement, their clothes are perfectly detailed, its just simply lovely to look at.

If it wasn’t for one small flaw with the design this would be a beyond perfect statue. Unfortunately though it is extremely fragile and the slots in which Jack and Sally are placed are flimsy at best. They just don’t hold to two figures well at all and once placed in their holding slots any slight bump or movement of the statue will cause the to fall. This is very a very bad design and may cause you to actually break your figures as I did. I had the statue all set up, looking beautiful on our counter and bumped it slightly causing Sally to fall and break her leg. I was devastated. Luckily some glue and love was able to repair the statue but none the less if the footings had been more secure for the figures this would have never happened, hopefully in future designs this can be corrected.

Even with all that, I am extremely happy with this piece and design. As I have repeated many times in this review, its nearly perfect, and it’s like the scene has come to live in my living room. No detail is overlooked and Jack and Sally look truly happy to have finally found each other, much like I look when I found this piece.

Score: 9.0