Disney and Marvel Studios Sever All Ties With Director James Gunn Admist Disturbing Tweets

Some old Tweets posted by director James Gunn were unearthed recently which led to the Guardians of The Galaxy director to issue a brief apology on his Twitter account.

Fox News has stated the tweets were highlighted due to Gunn’s recent politcial criticisms of Donald Trump and the aim was hurt Gunn’s career. The comments brushed off as jokes included subjects such as rape and pedophilia, some including Disney branded characters.

Well, that didn’t seem to be enough as both Disney and Marvel Studios have officially ended their working relationship with Gunn, placing the Fate of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 in limbo for the moment.

It’s expected they’ll now move forward with projects that Gunn had been involved with other people taking his role. Marvel is bigger then their directors and will likely seek out new creatives to replace him.


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