Disney Green Lights Indiana Jones 5

Mar 16, 2016

Disney has decided to let Harrison Ford pick up the whip and fedora one last time, announcing that Indiana Jones directed by the legendary: Steven Spielberg will hit theaters July 19th 2019.  While many have called for the likes of Chris Pratt and Bradley Cooper to replace Ford after the debacle of the whip passing that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom the Crystal Skull and Shia LaBeouf, Ford and Spielberg want one last chance to leave the franchise they created on a high note.  Personally I love the decision, Crystal Skull just could not be the last time we saw Indy after three brilliant installments.  While many will scoff at Ford’s age who will be 77 when this film releases, remember that Harrison Ford is probably the most in shape 7o something year old in America, the man fit into the same outfit for Indy 4 in his late 60’s that he wore in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  While I view Indy as a James Bond type character that hopefully can continue for years to come, I feel confident in Disney’s Kathleen Kennedy who is producing this film will help send Ford out in a blaze of glory like she did in Star Wars The Force Awakens!

(Source: /FILM)

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