Disney’s Frozen Elsa Costume Review

Sep 8, 2014

Mad Cave Studios


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IMGP4985 (425x640)I’m sure by now we are all extremely familiar with the hit Disney animated film Frozen. An instant classic Frozen has instantly permeated pop culture and reinvigorated the Disney musical. For children it’s an adventure through a frozen wonderland with talking snow men, an adorable cast and catchy lasting songs. For us adults it’s a reminder of our childhood, the magic of Disney, and what it means to truly Let it Go. So it’s no wonder why me 3 year old is able to sing the songs, talk to Olaf, and with the help of a costume or two, pretend to be Elsa.

The first thing you need when you dress up as Elsa is our course the dress. To get my daughter ready to be queen of her ice castle we got the Girl’s Elsa Deluxe Costume from www.costumesupercenter.com. This costume is a combination of polyester, nylon and spandex and includes the dress, adjustable belt, and vacuform tiara for between 30 to 35 dollars. Out of the bag the dress was vibrant, sturdy, and of course made the little ones eyes light up.

Before I dive into the fit and look of the dress I must disclose that my daughter is slightly smaller than you average three year old so we definitely experience some size issues. Even with the toddler size (3T-4T) she initially was swimming the otherwise beautiful garment. All it took was a safety pin or too and the dress IMGP5000 (515x520)seemingly fit as it would on your average toddler. Once in the gown my daughter turned into an instant princess and took to the role perfectly. As she sang “Wanna Build a Snowman” and tried to turn the dog to ice, she never once complained about the dress. In fact she was very careful not to hurt it or get it dirty. Never once did I hear “I’m itchy” which every parent of a kid who loves dress up hears first and most often.

As a parent and amateur photographer if I had one complaint it would be; I wish the synquind band that goes around the neck line was more elastic and able to hold the weight of the plastic Elsa medallion that garnishes the front of the dress. We constantly had the issue of it being too heavy and flipping the neck line over. We also had an issue with the vacuform tiara as it had become unglued in travel, but that was easily fixed with a little DIY and we were ready to or to coronation.

Other than a few minor grievances for the price and quality this Elsa Deluxe Costume is a great choice for dress up around the house, your next Frozen party, and of course Halloween. My daughter certainly enjoyed her day as Elsa and is looking forward to many more adventures trudging through her frozen kingdom, creating talking Snowmen, and being Queen of the household.

*Costume is a product of www.costumesupercenter.com