‘District 9’s Neill Blomkamp to Write & Direct Sci-Fi Alien Cult Film ‘Inferno’

Oct 4, 2019

After leaving two projects, STX’s ‘Greenland’ and MGM’s ‘RoboCop Returns,’ filmmaker Neill Blomkamp is now tackling another film. He will write and direct ‘Inferno,’ which is either a horror/thriller, science-fiction alien cult movie, or both.

This sounds like the horror/thriller project Blomkamp was teasing back in August, when he left ‘RoboCop Returns.’

Blomkamp has kept himself busy helming short films as of late, mostly under Oats Studios, his independent film studio he started in 2017. He is popular for co-writing and directing Sony’s ‘District 9.’ Other feature film credits include 2013’s ‘Elysium’ and 2015’s ‘Chappie,’ both from Sony.

Moreover, pre-production should be starting soon in New Mexico, according to GameFAQs.

However, details regarding cast, crew, or a release date are unknown.

Source: HN Entertainment

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