Diving Deep Into The Minds Behind Justice League: Gods And Monsters, An SDCC Roundtable Interview

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a new animated movie from the minds of Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett. It explores a new kind of DC universe where in the Justice League is a much darker, more violent and extremely deadly entity. They are still the good guys but this is a Justice unlike anything you have seen before.

To understand more about this new Justice League and its drastically different take on some of comic books most iconic characters we were given the opportunity to sit down with the voice cast and shows creators during San Diego Comic Con 2015.

Listen in as we conduct round table interviews with the men and woman behind Justice League: Gods and Monsters and learn more about the motivations, histories and potential behind this very different Justice League and what it takes to make just an out of the box film.

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Paget Brewster- Lois Lane 00:06-1148
Tamara Taylor-Wonder Women 11:48-20:46
Alan Burnett-Writer 20:46-32:00
Andrea Romano-Casting Director 32:00-39:39
Sam Liu-Director 39:39-51:21
Bruce Timm-Writer/Producer 51:21-59:24
C. Thomas Howell-Dr. Will Magnus 59:24-1:03:56 the end

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