Divinity Original Sin the YouTube series!

Dec 9, 2014

If you haven’t heard of Divinity Original Sin (DOS), you most likely were caught up in another game or were just getting into the summer vacationing and missed the initial release. DOS released with great reviews and are still high today, having a 9/10 from Steam users and 4.5/5 from Metacritic. This game may look like another Diablo clone from screen shots due to its top down RPG look, but don’t be fooled because this game is way different from your standard ARPG. In fact I wouldn’t call it an ARPG at all, as this game comes closer to a traditional table top RPG in video game form than anything. It’s got a ton of dialog and methodical fighting like RPGs do. So Geeks With Wives has brought in our new and upcoming table top gaming expert Adam, along with myself to start a new YouTube series play through of DOS on the GWW YouTube Channel!

This game like Table Top RPG’s moves at a very slow pace because of all the dialogs but the story is outstanding and when you get into battles the action heats up fast! Adam and I created our starring characters for this series and have given them a short story. You’ll be following the adventures of two Source Hunters (Source is like evil magic) one being the beautiful but sassy ranger Flare and the green haired half-zombie warrior Undead Fred. We arrive in the township of Cyseal via a pirate ship of some sort with the quest to solve the murder of town Councilor Jake (no last name given so I assume Councilor is his first name and Jake is his last name. Just kidding!). Not sure what wacky things might happen, but first we need to plunder a crypt and stuff as much stuff in our bags that we can and sell it all for gold!

So starting today on the Geeks With Wives YouTube channel is the first part of our Divinity play through, which will be a very long series, but we’re going to try and make it fun to watch so that our viewers can enjoy the game as much as we do! It’ll release on an every other day format, starting today, unless the videos prove popular enough to release them faster. Please leave any comments, pro tips or hints on this page or under the videos, because we’d love to hear from you!

Here is the first part of our Divinity Original Sin series: