Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality (Review)

Nov 20, 2021

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality

Critically acclaimed game Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality puts you in the middle of the action to save reality. As soon as the formal introductions are complete, you come face to face with a terrifying new threat. The VR game Doctor Who: The Edge of Time has been expanded with more foes and new worlds for an unforgettable adventure.

From: Maze Theory

Developed by: Just Add Water
Released on: October 14, 2021

A reality virus is causing time-breaking glitches, and you are the only one that can stop it. New locations and brand new characters make this an unforgettable adventure. Equipped with a sonic screwdriver and the assistance of two Doctors along the way, face terrifying monsters that don’t stand a chance.

Initial Impressions

If you were a fan of The Edge of Time, this may feel like a step back for you unless you truly enjoy the reimagined and expanded story, but as someone that has never played it, The Edge of Reality is a mind-bending mystery.

This puzzling maze-like adventure takes the television series and puts you in the driver’s seat even as far as becoming your own metal-clad terror. There is also a multitude of Easter Eggs strewn about for fans to find and add to the mini-scope.

Meet the Characters

The Thirteenth Doctor

Here we go, Fam! Is it too early to call you that? She swoops in all bravado and smiles as any good Doctor would do. The Thirteenth Doctor voiced by Jodie Whittaker is a spot-on character even if she isn’t around quite as much as you’d expect.

The Tenth Doctor

On the edge of reality, the Tenth Doctor, voiced by David Tennant in the game, just can’t keep out of the fray. He’s there with one command, run!

The Tardis

The Tardis doesn’t always take you where you want to go (New Doctor Who: Season 6) but will always take you where you need to go. In this case, she’ll pretty much take you wherever the Doctor tells her to. However, even during this Universe spanning threat, she’s right there when you need her.

Meet the Baddies


Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Game - Dalek Hunting

The Daleks have always been one of the Doctor’s most formidable foes, but now these pepper pots seem to have taken over. The reality virus has changed our world. The player gets an opportunity to turn around this tech and use it against them.

Weeping Angels

The mansion and Weeping Angels are definitely not classic, but scary nonetheless! I jumped more than once as I traversed this mansion and its labyrinth beneath backward to avoid getting touched.


The CyberReaper is a new foe in this reality. This new version of Cyberman is made for a specific purpose. Will it succeed?

Overall Impressions

The story felt a bit rushed in places. It’s a game for a bigger monitor if you want a more immersive experience. It’s very story-heavy as the puzzles are quite easy. It does add more to the Doctor Who universe with the story and I found myself wanting to have another go to see if I missed anything.

Score: 8.5

Deluxe Options Available

  • Doctor Who: Edge of Reality Game - A variety of sonics in Deluxe Edition
  • Doctor Who: Edge of Reality Game - Gallifreyan gloves in Deluxe Edition
  • Doctor Who: Edge of Reality Game - 10th Doctor's Sonic in Deluxe Edition
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