Dungeon Awesomeness that Reminds You of 16-Bit Glory Days with “Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King” (PREVIEW)

Nov 10, 2016

A little cheesy, yet a little awesome.  Blossom Tales starts off with Grandpa telling a story to his grandchildren.


There’s a fair bit of effort placed on the opening story. For me, the length of the story felt a little long, but there’s enough of the light-hearted humour to bring you back in and continue being engaged. This game takes you back to the glory days of epic games like Zelda and similar top down, 2D games.

Once you get started, you weave your way through a Castle and make your way down to the Dungeon to find where the magic starts. As you take Lily through the mazes, characters, and enemies, you continue to progress throughout the game without much interruption from Grandpa. Each time a boss is defeated, Grandpa and his grand kids will then appear to keep the story line moving along.


This game is exactly what you’d expect: from the graphics to the music. Easy to learn, yet challenging enough to keep you lurking around the corner to see what’s coming up next. Mazes, puzzles, spells, and bad guys. Classic game play and a one of a kind adventure! What could be better?


The rating is a little short of 10 as I’ve only had the opportunity to experience the 2-3 hour demo until the game is further developed. With so much game to explore, it’s difficult to say if this game with continue to be at the same caliber compared to the first impression. Nonetheless, this is a fun game to play — especially if you miss the old NES and SNES RPG classics you played back in the day.

Castle Pixel and FDG Entertainment make a good team with this adventure. This Steam Greenlit game is slated for early 2017. For now, feel free to check out any updates and announcements here.

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