Dungeons and Dragons: Brotherhood Without Banners Season 4 Episode 10

May 5, 2015


Dungeons and Dragons

Brotherhood Without Banners

Season 4 Episode 10

“Need to axe you a question...”IMG_1591


In this episode, the party interrogates Father Gouixinu who has some information on Salazar. They also find out that there is a place to drink and sleep in the town. But first, the party wants to replenish some wares so they stop at the local store. They find a dwarf there that is willing to help, but his help may not be of much use to this party. Dwarves and their axes…Fharlanghn

Davril and Zerrith go to investigate the old home where Salazar grew up, but first I urge Karrion’s player to get into character and roleplay him burying his family remains. This town was supposed to be a quick stop on the way to more adventure, but like all D&D, anything can happen as I explain to the party. Heck, once this is over they might even take up property owning. vendraile$T2eC16hHJG!E9nm3sB1YBQsqn)7B3g~~60_35

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