Dungeons and Dragons: Brotherhood Without Banners Season 4 Episode 9

Apr 28, 2015


Dungeons and Dragons

Brotherhood Without Banners

Season 4 Episode 9

“Trust no one”


the book of the dead

Leaving the internal but all too real fights that happened in the spirit realm, the party has found what they came for. The 144 blood vials that will create a blood army for their cause against Salazar. However, the party decides to take more than just what they went in there for. They have each taken one of five rings that will summon Tiamat, the immortal five headed dragon god. They have also looted The Book of the Dead. Which it is more than just what they think. This book has the ability to control Tiamat if unleased. Which brings about questions of morality within the party.Tiamat_p93

They return to Kringer, the orc shaman that allowed them to go to the spirit realm to recover the vial. Things get, sketchy to say the least. And still Davril thinks I am lying to him, even when he rolls extremely well and I tell him I am telling the truth.

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Up next though, the party travels using the staff of the minotaur, to get to the closest town Vendraile. This town is conveniently close as well as also being the home town of Salazar when he was a kid. Emerging from the back room in the church of Fharlanghn. The god of travel and wanderers. They interrupt a sermon by Father Gouixinu who has some knowledge about Salazar. Things start to get interesting as pieces of the puzzle build up, it is just a matter if the party can put it all together before it is too late.

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