Dungeons and Dragons: Brotherhood Without Banners Season 4 Episode 12

May 23, 2015


Dungeons and Dragons

Brotherhood Without Banners

Season 4 Episode 12

“He went to Hades…”


The party reluctantly went through the magic portal disguised as a painting. Rushing head long into the unknown, the party gets what the party deserves. Excuse me while I set up a bakers dozen, plus 1 in tiny to large dragons. But don’t worry, the party has their own dragons to bring to the show. Now the party is in the middle of an ancient elven forest, and they immediately set fire to the trees…


The fight goes on and a whole lot of dice gets rolled. The dragons duke it out, the players stand guard and watch the chaos unfold and one of the players does the unexpected, he isn’t selfish. Even though I know he more than likely cheated on what spell he took (I mean he just got a new spell level, and he is a greedy player, why would he take a healing spell over a destructive spell?)

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The fight is mid swing and nearing an end, this 14 hour long D&D session is winding down. They start to argue about why they can’t kill Salazar, but as the y point out, he went to Hades, he has changed from a mere human.(Some images of the fire stands I created for the party)feat

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