Dying Is Easy #2 REVIEW

Jan 11, 2020

Dying Is East #2

Written By: Joe Hill
Illustrated By: Martin Simmonds
Colors By: Dee Cunniffe
Lettering By: Shawn Lee

What is happening? A lot must have been established in the first issue, because dang! I’m a tick lost here! There’s been a murder, it’s been pegged on the wrong guy, and said guy is a bit of a laugh to many of his “peers.” Actually, never mind, I think I got it. An independent detective with a less than appealing face, who is an ex-comedian, and apparently turned his wife gay.

I think I’m caught up.

Story wise, I wasn’t very pulled in. It’s written well, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t finish the issue wanting more. It’s a story line I’ve read and watched many times over. The character didn’t offer me anything to redeem the overused plot line – at least not yet. I’m always open to second chances!

With the plot line out of the way, I have to comment on the art.

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It’s wonderful.

I could never draw in that style, let alone steadily for an entire issue, plus the cover. It’s realistic without being overly realistic. It walks the line, and walks it well. The colors are gorgeous too. The whole look gives off a watercolor vibe, and it’s unique to see in the age of digital everything.

I didn’t enjoy the story, and not enough was there to pique my interest. However, if you are more into comics for the art styles, then I recommend you taking a peak at this series.

Dying is Easy #2




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