E2KGn30: Episode #19 – NeoGAF & OG XBox

Oct 27, 2017

Note: we had a few technical problems on Agasicles’ end for this show, and the opening story is a bit rough. We did the best we could to clean it up and after the NeoGaf story or so, it does get better, so hang in there!

What’s Up, peoples?!!! We’re back with the fastest gaming news show in town and to prove it, we’ll get right to it with as little pre-amble as possible. Tonight we’ll talk the NeoGAF revolt, the first OG XBox titles showing up on Backwards Compatibility, and a whole. Lot. MORE!!!

Intro and Outro music, Reusenoise (DNB Remix) by spinningmerkaba, used via Creative Commons license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode)