Eli Roth’s Boarderlands Continues to Grow Its Stellar Cast

Feb 11, 2021

Joining Hollywood heavy hitters Cate Blanchett (Lilith) and Kevin Hart (Roland) in the high action, hyper violent Boarderlands film are two more giant stars.

According to Collider, Jamie Lee Curtis will be joining the all star cast as Dr. Patricia Tannis as an aged up version of the character while Variety is now reporting Jack Black joins the film as the loud mouthed comedy relief Claptrap, which is honestly some spot on casting considering Black’s in your face, loud personality.

Roth seems to be pulling out all the stops with this video game adaptation and is using the rumored stellar script from Craig Mazin to draw in some major star power. Right now Boarderlands is poised to be something special but only time will tell if all these amazing pieces can really come together to finally give us a video game adaptation worthy of our eyeballs.

Source: Collider/Variety

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