Engaging Title: “Coinfest Asia 2024: Revolutionizing Web3 Adoption in Asia”

Jun 15, 2024

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Coinfest Asia 2024: Where Innovation Meets Adoption


Coinfest Asia, the largest Web3 festival in Asia, is set to take place in Nuanu City, Bali, on 22-23 August 2024. With a focus on fostering Web3 adoption in Asia, the event aims to bring together industry leaders and retail investors under the theme of “Where Innovation Meets Adoption.”


The upcoming Coinfest Asia 2024 in Bali is poised to be a significant event in the Web3 ecosystem, offering a platform for industry convergence and the promotion of widespread adoption of Web3 technologies in Asia.

Main Points

Featuring over 6,000 participants and 150 global Web3 experts, Coinfest Asia will host distinguished speakers like Mo Shaikh, Wei Zhou, Oleg Fomenko, and Justin Sun, among others. The event will cover topics ranging from RWA and DePIN to AI & ML, providing valuable insights and experiences to attendees.

Coinfest Asia 2024 will include diverse exploration areas such as the Main Stage for industry insights, Alpha Sessions for crypto project discovery, and ETH SEA for Ethereum Web3 technology exploration. Participants can also engage with industry leaders, take part in trading competitions, and attend supporting events like the Indonesian Blockchain Conference.


Supported by key players like Aptos, Google Cloud, Ripple, and others, Coinfest Asia 2024 offers sponsorship opportunities and early bird tickets for interested individuals. The event promises a dynamic and interactive experience for those looking to delve deeper into the world of Web3 and cryptocurrency.


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