Ewan McGregor Tapped for Lead in Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep

Ewan McGregor Tapped for Lead in Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep

With all of the news of more adaptations of Stephen King works being greenlit and developed in Hollywood, we got our first bit of casting news for the sequel to The Shining.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Ewan McGregor will take on the role of the adult Danny Torrance in the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep.

Doctor Sleep tells the story of Danny Torrance after he escaped the terror of the Overlook Hotel only to find himself subject to the same demon that helped destroy his father, alcohol. After getting clean, Danny takes a job at a hospice using his ability to Shine to help people transition to death.


At the same time, a young girl with a Shine stronger than Danny could believe reaches out to him after becoming the target of a sinister group of nomads known as The True Knot.

McGregor is known for his roles in the Star Wars prequels, Trainspotting and the upcoming Disney family feature Christopher Robin.

Mike Flanagan, who directed the Gerald’s Game adaptation for Netflix, will direct the film as well as produce.

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