Highly Anticipated Nindies Coming to The Switch this Year

Mar 28, 2018

Nintendo and the Switch have been hard at work in the Indie department, adding an already impressive indie lineup to the Nintendo eShop. The ‘Nindies’ movement continues later this year with a whole slew of new and exciting games. The Switch really is the best console for Indies as the flexibility of playing anywhere is a real game changer. Nintendo recently had a short Direct presentation where they showcased several of their upcoming Nindies and I’ve complied a list of my most anticipated.

Pool Panic

This game has an amazing art style which resembles shows like “Regular Show” and “Adventure Time”, which makes sense since the Publisher is Adult Swim Games. This game looks very promising and puts a big spin on billiard where you take the role of the cue ball and make your way through over 100 levels in a single or co op campaign. Some features from the developer include:

  • Single player campaign includes a large world with over 100 levels that span music festivals, mines, diners, the wild west, caverns, farms, and more!
  • Local multiplayer for up to four players. Multiple control modes supported, including two players on a single Switch, using a single Joy-Con per player.
  • Endless mode pits your pool skills against the clock, but don’t forget that all the other balls are just as animated and alive as you, so different balls react differently to hits!
  • Discover the unique characteristics of dozens of different balls and the strategies required to pot them, even as they us their unique skills to try and thwart your efforts.
  • Fight a swamp monster, light up a derelict lighthouse, battle a biker gang, puke on a pirate ship, flee zombieballs after raising the dead, foil a bank heist, even joust! Seriously, you can ride a horse ball and joust.
  • Express yourself! White cue balls such as yourself can use a little pizzazz, so enjoy trying on the 80+ different hats you’re able to steal from other balls in the game.

Pool Panic is set to release later this year. Tune in for more news and a full review.

Bomb Chicken

Another great 2D puzzle platformer that reminds me a ton of the classic Warioland games for the Gameboy, bombs and all. Bomb Chicken comes first to the Nintendo Switch and is described as a “fast-paced game that combines action, puzzles and arcade gameplay”. You play a chicken who must lay bombs to clear obstacles and enemies to explore the world. Here is the Features from the developer:

  • Lay stacks of explosives to reach impossibly high places.
  • Kick Bombs to take out staff and deadly native wildlife.
  • Bounce your bombs through impassable areas and even around corners!
  • Use your bombs as a handy weight.
  • Create a barricade and shield enemy attacks.
  • Dig and destroy to uncover secret areas
  • Set things on fire and watch them burn!

The Publisher & Developer, Nitrome Ltd claims the game will have super simple controls, gorgeous pixel art and the bombs mix well with the HD rumble. Bomb chicken will release later this Summer.

The Messenger

One of my most anticipated games that I’m looking forward to is The Messenger. It is a simple 8-bit 2D Platformer that really sets the tone for Nindies. Reminiscent of the SNEW days, this game brings to the table skill trees, player progression and boss fights. Uh, that’s going to be a yes for me dog. The trailer also hints at being tossed into a 16-bit world. The game must be deep. Features from the Developer include:

  • An epic ninja adventure with challenging gameplay and tight controls.
  • Legit 8-bit and 16-bit art and music reminiscent of your favorite NES and SNES games.
  • Character upgrades, new abilities, hidden levels and story arcs to discover.
  • Challenging and visceral gameplay where mastery is a thing to behold.

This single player action by Sabotage is set to launch this Summer.

Light Fall

Developer Bishop Games introduces the world to Light Fall which is a brilliant looking action platformer that looks very promising. I’m super hype for this one. Gives off a Limbo vibe. You play as a young lad exploring the forgotten world of Numbra using a crazy box to platform your way through the ominous world. Below are the features from the Developer:

  • Shadow Core: Control the Shadow Core and use it the way you see fit to face the challenges of the game. You can spawn this magical box beneath your feet to propel yourself into the air and move across the land at your own pace. With the Shadow Core, you become the master of your surroundings and create your own path.
  • Speedrun Mode: Quench your thirst for competition in the complementary Speedrun Game Mode. Compete with players worldwide and compare your fastest times with theirs on the online leaderboard.
  • Story Mode: Load up Light Fall and immerse yourself in this strange universe where darkness prevails over the light. Joining you in this adventure, Stryx the old and grumpy owl, will act as your sidekick and in-game narrator. Depending on his mood, he will either offer useful advice or bluntly mock your failures.

Launching this Spring, you don’t want to miss this one.

Thanks for reading my most hyped Nindies for this year, at least that we know of, and stay tuned for full reviews and news. For a complete look at what’s coming check out the official Nintendo site.

Let us know which Nindies you are excited for? Also, which games would you like to see come to the Nintendo Switch?

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