EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Comic Creators on Which Universe Their New Comic Series Takes Place In

Aug 15, 2022

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The artist and writer of T.E.S.T. Kitchen Infinity Comic #1 have each given their take on which universe the new comic takes place in, with a potential tie-in to the Avengers Campus land. The new comic, which was released on August 8th, follows startup chef Anna Ameyam as she runs her own food truck in the midst of an Iron Man fight, with authentic recipes included made by the writer and Michelin Star chef Paul Eschbach, with illustrations and colouring by comic artist E.J. Su.

T.E.S.T. Kitchen Infinity Comic #1
Marvel Comics
Artist and Colourist: E.J. Su
Writer: Paul Eschbach

When I asked Su if the comic takes place in the same universe as the Avengers Campus land at Disneyland, they had this to say:

Hello, as far as I know. Yes, it is.

@ejsu28 on Instgram

Avengers Campus is a land located at Disney California Adventure, and at Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, and is being developed for Hong Kong Disneyland which takes place in a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)-adjacent “Marvel Theme Park Universe” which branched off from the main timeline when the Snap never happened in their universe. Characters like Sam Wilson/Captain America, Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel and Scott Lang/Ant-Man appear in Avengers: Quantum Encounter, set in the same universe, played by their original MCU actors Anthony Mackie, Iman Vellani and Paul Rudd, respectively. Funnily enough, there is a PYM Test Kitchen restaurant on-site at Avengers Campus, bearing a name reminiscent of that of the comic series.

When I asked Eschbach the same question, they said:

No, this story takes place in normal 616 comic continuity.

@peschbach on Instagram

Earth-616 is the designation given to the mainline continuity a lot of Marvel comics take place in, first appearing as far back in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 in April 1939.

Eschbach’s answer is certainly more definitive and seeing as he is the writer it can be argued that he has more authority on the matter, but regardless both people were very polite to chat to.

Here is the description for #1:

Follow Anna Ameyama, a top star chef who dreams of running her own food truckβ€”and that dream has finally come true! Until it’s crushed into collateral damage during an Iron Man fight. But when Tony Stark tastes the deliciousness he just devastated, he offers Anna a new job: as his personal chef! The best part? Anna’s recipes (created by Paul Eschbach himself!) are included in each issue. So you’ll see how surprisingly easy it is to eat like an Avenger right in your own home.

“Chef Anna Ameyama Is a Culinary Super Hero in Infinity Comics Series β€˜T.E.S.T. Kitchen’”Marvel.com, August 8 2022

Marvel Comics’ T.E.S.T. Kitchen Infinity Comic #1 is just the first in the series, with #2 releasing on September 12th. All issues can be read exclusively on the Marvel Unlimited app.

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