EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Studios Developing Miss America Series For Disney+

Aug 27, 2019

Exclusive: We at the GWW have learned that Marvel Studios is in the early stages of development for a Miss America series on the Disney+ streaming service.

Like ‘Ms. Marvel,’ it seems Latina superhero America Chavez is poised to land her own solo series on the streaming platform. America was first introduced in Vengeance #1 as a re-imagining of Golden Age superhero Miss America. She later went on to join the Young Avengers in the second volume and the A-Force in 2015 before getting her own solo series America in 2017. She was also featured as a team member of the Ultimates in 2015.

America Chavez was raised by two mothers in another dimension called Utopia, and her power set includes her signature ability to open portals into different realities with her kicks. Like many of her fellow Young Avengers, which we at the GWW have also heard is being looked at seriously by Marvel, she is LGBT. Additionally, she is also part of the Ultimates, a team consisting of Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Spectrum, Blue Marvel, and America herself that protects Earth from cosmic threats. Spectrum (Monica Rambeau) has already been confirmed to appear in ‘WandaVision’ while the GWW previously reported a character codenamed “Adam” is being cast for an upcoming Marvel Studios project, which we believe is Blue Marvel in ‘WandaVision.’

MCUCosmic recently reported a rumor that characters such as Galactus and Blue Marvel are heading to the MCU, possibly hinting at an Ultimates team-up in the future, perhaps in ‘Captain Marvel 2.’ America would be the latest member of the team to be eyed for an appearance in the MCU.

A ‘Ms. Marvel’ Disney+ series was announced at D23 last weekend. Marvel also announced series for Moon Knight and She-Hulk, making them the first characters to have their solo debut on Disney+. The first of these MCU Disney+ series will be ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier,’ premiering on the service in August 2020.

Disney+ will officially launch on November 12th.