EXCLUSIVE: ‘Narcos’ and ‘Nacho Libre’ Actress Ana de la Reguera Auditions For ‘Dora The Explorer’s Mother

Jul 9, 2018


Filming is about to commence on Paramount’s upcoming live-action Dora The Explorer feature film next month in Australia. Omega Underground has been keeping an eye on the project starring Isabela Moner (Transformers: The Last Knight, Sicario 2).

We have uncovered a couple of audition tapes for the film which feature actresses reading for the parts of Dora’s Mother and Grandmother. The whole family are said to be adventurers.

Actress Ana de la Reguera (Narcos, Twin Peaks, Eastbound and Down, Nacho Libre, Cowboys and Aliens) is shown reading for the part of Dora’s Mother Elena Márquez .

In the audition tape Dora is replaced for Daisy. As well as Diego being replaced for Danny.

Mexican actress Angelica Aragon is also seen reading for the part of Dora’s Grandmother.


Daisy - “You guys ok?”

Elena - “Daisy, your up. How are you feeling?”

Daisy - “Fine. Why is your office door shut?”

Elena - “Daisy, if Boots didn’t come to get us you would still  be down that ravine.”

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Daisy - “…I’m sorry”

Elena - “You are to impulsive Daisy. You have to think before you act. Exploring isn’t a game. You have to think about the consequences.”

Daisy - “Wait, do you have the monkey stuck to you. You found it didn’t you. Why aren’t you guys more excited. You already found it didn’t you. You know where it is!”

Elena - “No!”

Daisy - “You red tagged it. You need use to red tag it. You know where it is.”

[Elena sighs]

Daisy - “You should have waited to red tag it.”

Elena - “Yeah, Definitely. That was a bad call. [Breathes in] Ok fine. We figured it out. But your not going anywhere. You are just not ready. We’re responsible for your Daisy. Don’t you get that? You scared us to death.”

Daisy - “Mommy, I know the jungle.”

Elena - “Then why did you end up  at the bottom of that ravine? Again.”

Daisy - “But I don’t want to go to the city. I won’t know anybody there.”

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Elena - “You use to be so close to Danny. I bet he misses you too. And your Abuela is so excited. Beside being in the world with kids your own age will help.”

Daisy - “Yeah help what?”

Elena - Umm, honey you’re wearing a boa around your neck.”

Daisy - “I know it’s a boa. It’s a visual pun.”

Father - “..it’s kinda funny”

Elena - “Don’t encourage her. Here take this satellite phone and call us anytime. You can track our coordinates on the map.”

Daisy - “It’s not the same. I’m an explorer like you.”

Elena - “Honey, you don’t need a jungle to be an explorer. The whole world is out there for you. Go see it. Make Friends. That’s real exploring.”

Daisy - “But I don’t know how.”

Elena - “Yes, you do. Just be yourself. You survived the jungle. High School will be easy. Come on. We’ll be back before you know it.”

Paramount has set the film’s release date for August 2nd, 2019.


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