EXCLUSIVE: Vixen Is Headed To The DCEU

Oct 14, 2020


GWW has exclusively learned from multiple, seperate sources that Warner Bros. is currently developing a new project based on the DC character Vixen.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get detailed info as the project is in very early development with the studio currently taking pitches but we can tell you the , the studio has their sights set on re-introducing this character to a mass audience.

If I had to guess, this projects is likely being eyed from Max as WB’s current thearical slate is jam packed thanks to COVID delays but we’ve seen stranger things happen so their is no real telling yet where this ends up.

UPDATE: Our source provided additional info explaining WB is setting up Vixen to be their Black Panther and hopes she will have a similar impact. They added a theatrical solo if definitely in cards with a likelihood of an earlier appearance in another DC film.

We reached out to WB but got no comment.

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Vixen seems to have been a background focus of WB/DC for a while as they once produced a short lived animated series that would latter spin-off into a live action appearance on Arrow and eventually recurring role on Legends of Tomorrow. Now that Vixen has had her short stent on TV WB apparently feels she is ready for a bigger audience and bigger budget.

Many of us probably didn’t notice but we got our first tease of this project during DC FanDome.

If you aren’t familiar with the character Vixen is Mari Jiwe McCabe, a super heroine in possession of the Tantu Totem. A magical amulet that allows the wearer to harness the spirit of any animal, thus conjuring their powers and abilities. Vixen has spanned the DC Universe as a member to the JSA, Justice League International and even the Suicide Squad. The possibilities with her entry into the DC film universe and virtually endless as she has been a long standing DC icon sense 1981.

Vixen was created by Gerry Conway and Bob Oksner and debuted in DC’s Action Comics #521 in 1981.

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