Experiencing GamerGate from All Sides

GamerGate tends to be a controversial topic so I’d like to remind you all that my articles do not reflect the views of the entire GeeksWithWives staff.  If you do not like them, take it up with me in the comments, Twitter, or e-mail but do not hold the entire website accountable.  GeeksWithWives should be commended for giving us all a place to share our views and stories.  I guess I should give a possible trigger warning?

I also again feel like I need to stress the fact that I am, in fact, 100% real living female human.


So once upon a time the jilted ex of game dev Zoe Quinn wrote a gazillion-word thesis page on her sexual exploits resulting in fat white misogynist male gamers to start a hate movement for the sole purpose of keeping women out of the games industry and later gaming in general by spamming them with threats of violence and rape and driving them from their homes.

At least that’s what the media had me believing.

For a while all I heard was there was something going on with gamers vs a female game dev over the fact that she was female. Then I learned it had something to do with her sex life. “What business is it who someone sleeps with? How does that affect their dev skills? How does being female affect dev skills?” I thought.  Then the #GamerGate tag started to appear on my Twitter feed, being used by people against the tag.  I used to follow a woman that went by the handle “Devi Ever” at the time, as I considered one of her best friends to be an awesome Twitter buddy of mine too.  We’d all chatted gaming and game development many times before, and she was one of the loudest people on my feed at the time denouncing GamerGate.  This had me finally curious enough to look into the controversy past just random tweets.  Where did I look?  The gaming media…oops.  Even one of my favorite comedy sites at the time, cracked.com, did an interview with Zoe Quinn complete with little screenshots of random channers calling her ugly and rating how good a lay she must be.  It didn’t occur to me at that point that the only people attributing those comments to GamerGate were the publications themselves.  No, I was so wrapped up in the story of a mob of men ruining her life and forcing her to flee her home because her boyfriend “claimed” she slept around to get good reviews of her game that I didn’t think to do any fact checking.

After that I decided I had enough #GamerGate on my feed.  I began unfollowing anyone I saw supporting it before finally opening my big-mouth to the tag itself.  I tweeted something to the effect of “If you support #GamerGate you’re scum, go kill yourself.” and I am not at all proud of that.  Friends of mine against the tag quickly warned me that I was a target now for sure, my life might even be at stake!  Sure enough, my notifications instantly blew up with replies from GamerGate supporters.  Replies such as “That’s hurtful, it’s never okay to tell people to kill themselves.” “I’m sorry you feel that way.” “I’d love to chat with you about why you think that, but only if you’re okay with it.”  The most “mean” response I got that day were people simply assuming I was trolling, and could you blame them?  I was surprised and more curious than ever, especially since I had just as many ladies responding as I did men, so I took a few up on their offer to chat with me about it via Skype.  I talked with three guys, though one had to drop out early, and it was one of the most pleasant and mature conversations I think I’ve ever had with internet strangers.  I asked many questions, and was told that while Zoe Quinn’s ex did write about her cheating and such, and the only thing it had to do with GamerGate was that it brought to light other instances of developers and journalist having undisclosed relationships.  Even if hers were not for the purpose of getting good reviews the fact still remained that she and other developers and/or companies had relationships with journalist that were writing articles about and reviewing their games.  That wasn’t the only thing that inspired GamerGate, however.  There was also articles like Leigh Alexander’s “Gamers are Dead” which ultimately not only portrays gamers as all white man-babies but dumps all over them.  The strangest thing about it was that nearly every major gaming journalism site released similar articles all at the same time, GamerGate wanted to expose this and investigate why.

This is only a small portion of the FACTS surrounding GamerGate (don't know who to give credit)

This is only a small portion of the FACTS surrounding GamerGate (don’t know who to give credit)

Anyway, thanks to this conversation I decided to really research, and sure enough, I was finding lies and omissions in every Anti-GamerGate article.  I also saw many people on my Twitter feed begin to denounce the term “gamer”.  “I’m not a gamer, gamers are terrible man-babies so I don’t want to be called one anymore.”  If you considered yourself a gamer before those stupid articles, then you’re a gamer and instead of being upset that these “journalists” are insulting you, you tuck tail and change your wording?  This is where I really got ticked off.  I went on many a rant about how I’ll always be a gamer and that point alone should be proof enough that these journalist are full of it.  It pissed a lot of people off, which is pretty sad if you ask me.

Yep, GamerGate are the bullies, right?

Yep, GamerGate are the bullies, right?

I decided to remain neutral at this point, however, because I had just started on with GWW and I never used most of the offending gaming sites to begin with.  See, there’s always been corruption and a lack of ethics in mainstream games journalism and I think most of us know it.  While I understood and commended the idea of gamers finally doing something about it, I honestly didn’t see it going anywhere.  Big business has a way of squashing the little guy, and I wanted to focus that energy on school and doing unpaid honest reviews instead of fighting those who don’t.

Swords & Souls RPG Review

It wasn’t too long after that #NotYourShield began trending, and “Devi-Ever” took up the cause.  Just when I started to feel there may really be something to this, the Anti-GamerGate movement started getting minorities and women fired from their places of employment for saying they were women and minorities that supported GamerGate.  I watched as the Anti side started “doxing”, threatening and harassing innocent people for disagreeing with them.  No one showed me this, I saw it for myself!  I was amazed when the loudest in Anti-GamerGate, while claiming they were anti-harassment, would condone doing it to innocent people for the simple offense of…disagreeing.  “Well GamerGate started it!”  Here’s the thing, since the games media and later mainstream media reduced GamerGate down to a harassment movement against women (hence #NotYourShield starting), the main thing I did was look into every supposed case I could.  What I found was Zoe blatantly offering free game codes to anyone that would harass her *Edit: I followed Zoe Quinn for a while after reading her article and saw her egging trolls on, then RTing someone offering game codes to those who would harass her using the #GamerGate tag. I then saw her tweet something to the effect of “go get your free games” and assumed Zoe, too, was in on it based on the rest of her feed.  That’s assumption on my part, many apologies, and I stopped following her when I saw it. Thank you Reddit for correcting me.* No one doctored this, I saw it for myself.  I saw Anita and Wu come out of nowhere and claim they were chased from homes or events, then did some digging to find they never left or never actually called the police, or that security for said events had no idea what they were talking about.  I caught them in numerous lies and no one had to tell me about them, I noticed them myself.  So did GamerGate.  Suddenly there’s these women getting tons of donation money and all they had to do was claim a movement that had nothing to do with them harassed them.  GamerGate, tired of being blamed, even started a harassment patrol where they’d report the offenders regardless of who they were harassing and report threats to local authorities.  That wasn’t good enough because “they only reported TOS violators” knowing full well that’s Twitter’s fault, not GamerGate.  So they banned together to raise money for tons of charities instead, but that wasn’t good enough because they didn’t donate directly to the people lying about being threatened.  “But but these ladies have posted screenshots of their harassment!”  Good job, you’ve just discovered trolls!  Welcome to the internet!  Majority of these “harassers” don’t even use the #GamerGate tag and those that do are still trolls.  What can GamerGate do about every internet troll that loves to stir up trouble?  Kick them out of a hashtag?  Hashtags don’t work like that!

Anti-Gamergate's response to this was that my favorite colors are a rape joke.  (don't know who to give credit)

Anti-Gamergate’s response to this was that my favorite colors are a rape joke.
(don’t know who to give credit)

It wasn’t until I started being attacked online by Anti-GamerGate for being neutral that I threw my hat into the ring and became a full-blown GamerGate supporter.  I was tired of gullible people believing every word the press said (remember, the corruption of the press was why GamerGate is a thing, so it totally makes sense to believe these “hate group” articles right?)  I was also enraged by prominent game companies publicly dumping on their customers!  It was then that I noticed “Devi-Ever” spamming the tag with requests for money, and nothing else.  I don’t know why it took me so long to notice, but I was dumb to not take it as ominous foreshadowing.  Anyway as a full-blown GamerGate supporter I got in plenty of debates with Anti-GamerGate idiots and they only strengthened my resolve with their dim-witted “arguments” which can be summed up as “evidence is just a tool of the patriarchy,” and yes, that is a real quote.  That alone should be all you need to know about the entire thing.  It wasn’t all stupid stuff like that, though.  I had/have friends who were Anti-GamerGate but at least accepted evidence as a real thing.  Sometimes the proof would change their minds on things, sometimes it still wasn’t enough, but either way we were able to agree to disagree and still be friends.  Soon developers started coming forward, even AAA ones, and many other big-names in support of what GamerGate was trying to accomplish – at the threat and risk of being blacklisted and worse.  These are men, women, and minorities under threat of being kicked out of the industry that claims GamerGate wants them kicked out of the industry. Let that sink in.  An actual educated feminist Christina Sommers is constantly under attack by not being the Anita Sarkeesian version of feminist, despite Sommers doing more for gaming culture without profiting from it than Anita will ever accomplish while making out like a bandit and using stolen footage for her videos.  At the same time I was able to lend a hand in helping GamerGate start up new game review sites, scholarships to help women and minorities get into school to study either STEM fields or game development, and am very excited for #Solution6Months.  Even now, while again taking a less active role and going back to mostly-neutrality, I have tons of people in the GamerGate movement ready and willing to help me make my game development ideas a reality.  What has Anti-GamerGate done for me?  For women and minorities?  They’ve told me I’m scum.  That I should be gassed.  That I’m no better than ISIS.  That I’m not real.  That I’m not “allowed” in the games industry by their choice, not GamerGate’s.

Anti-Gamergate don't make threats? They revel in them and are patted on the back for them.

Anti-Gamergate don’t make threats? They revel in them and are patted on the back for them.

Many real game Dev's speak out on behalf of GamerGate

Many real game Dev’s speak out on behalf of GamerGate

Then it happened.  Angry that she was not getting the tons of money she expected by joining the GamerGate and NotYourShield Twitter tags she used to insult, “Devi-Ever” ran back to the Anti-GamerGate side in hopes they would fill her pockets instead.  In a good-faith gesture she listed off everyone she knew was pro-GamerGate to help Randi Harper fill out her illegal and poorly designed blacklist/blockbot, referring to them all as the worst harassers ever.  Even KFC and IGDA employees for some reason.  I’m on that list, despite trying to avoid Tweeting at any of the big Anti-GamerGate names.  Having not gotten enough attention for this move, “Devi Ever” then proceeded to set a bait trap.  She tweeted that a tag should be started for the purpose of consumers showing appreciation directly to game devs, and of course everyone in GamerGate thought it was a great idea! Instantly everyone to reply to the tweet was reported by her and her friends and added to the blockbot.  Those already on the blockbot where increased in “level” to indicate just how terrible a harasser they are.  I replied once, when I realized it was a trap.  Even our mutual friend, who I cared about more, got in on the action.

The Offending Tweet Devi Used To Get Me lvl 2 (all names blocked)

The Offending Tweet Devi Used To Get Me lvl 2 (all names blocked)

I also noticed more tweets of mine were added to my “pileon” offense in the blockbot when, much later when an Anti-GamerGater jumped into a different conversation I was already having with an Anti-GG friend and decided that somehow counted as me dogpiling (that’s two antis vs one pro, for those keeping count here, meaning technically I was the one that got dogpiled).  Truly this is a tool for good and not just an attempt to silence dissent.

1.) Until she got reprimanded, Randi also labeled it a blacklist and many are using it as such.  2.) Not only am I about to get my degree, I'm getting it with honors. Shut up already Wesley.

1.) Until she got reprimanded, Randi also labeled it a blacklist and many are using it as such.
2.) Not only am I about to get my degree, I’m getting it with honors (that’s my proof up there).
Shut up already Wesley.

So why am I again taking a neutral stance despite still getting about the same amount of harassment?  *Edit: There’s a bit of controversy here as well, and when I say “neutral” I mean only that I am no longer playing such an active role in GG happenings.  I’m not sure why this is offensive.* Mostly because not all who claim to be Pro-GamerGate are innocent either, and I was tired of being told I’m Anti-GamerGate if I disagree.  Yes, it happens both ways but Anti-GamerGate have so far been the rudest and most aggressive about it.  I also took on a neutral stance again because Anti-GamerGate has gotten ruthless with their doxing etc. and I have a family to consider.  That’s right, as fearless as I try to be with voicing my opinions, Anti-GamerGaters tend to be that cruel and will have a chorus of mostly white, very privileged people (not even going to get into this, it’s so sad) backing up and justifying the terrible and often illegal things they do to people who disagree.  Even now I still do and still will get hate mail and tweets from Anti-GamerGaters who claim I don’t even exist in the first place while many GamerGaters support my choices to say whatever I want, even when disagreeing with them.

This is my entire argument about these people saying I'm privledged but THEY'RE oppressed.

This is my entire argument about these people saying I’M privileged but THEY’RE oppressed.  I’m struggling to pay my way through college after growing up below poverty level.

Now you have a summary of what I experienced and learned so far, but what was my purpose of sharing this?  First off, “listen and believe” is the mantra of people pushing a narrative.  Facts and evidence makes the world go ’round – seek it out! Even mainstream media outlets have admitted to biased “journalism” regarding GamerGate for clicks and ratings.  I’m not trying to convince you to join the movement, hell I went back to a more neutral stance.  I do want you to take a good hard look at the big names in Anti-GamerGate.  Just about all of them are white, and come from money, yet continue to tell minorities to “check their privilege.” Second, look at all the positive things GamerGate has accomplished while Anti-GamerGate begs for money for personal use.  New gaming websites, tons raised for various charities, scholarships created, teaching people to create games, existing game sites updating their ethics policies!  Finally, I don’t care who you are, if you have two brain cells to rub together you know full well GamerGate is not and never has been a hate or harassment movement unless you’ve gone out of your way to mute tons of women and minorities just so you can keep thinking such.  And that speaks volumes about your character.

A Comprehensive Guide to 'Star Wars' Before the Release of 'The Rise of Skywalker'

Yes, it really is about ethics in journalism.  All journalism now.  (and anti-censorship)

And if you still think that’s a joke, you’re the problem.

I’m looking at you, cracked.com

Fun fact: I actually tried to reach out to cracked.com for a version of this article too, allowing them to interview and call the shots, but went completely ignored.  Who’s trying to silence women again?

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  1. Interesting perspective 😛
    I warn people not to take a side myself, as you say it is really not worth the hassle if you have something to lose.
    I reserve the right inwardly cringe at “neutral” though :3
    It’s understandable, and I praise plenty of neutral parties (Boogie, Kain, Chris the data scientist etc) but it’s often misused by trolls that “hate both sides” or at best gives the inference that proGG is somehow not against harassment or sexism 😛
    I for one am hoping truth and empathy win out eventually, and we’ll have a stronger more mature culture for it.

    • Yes, I’ve seen trolls harass and start stuff with both sides on the grounds they’re “neutral”. It’s a shame, but still the best term I could use for my position right now.

  2. Good article Piper. I’ve been pretty insulated from the whole Gamers Gate things and by the time I heard about it it was already spun into something else by the internet. Reading through all this makes my head spin and i’m still not entirely sure what to think. My take aways. Games Journalism should be re-evaluated. The barrier between Women and Men should be broken down. The internet is full of shady people that lie, cheat, and steal.

    Thanks for stepping out and publishing something that could potentially make yourself a target.That takes guts!

    • Right on all accounts, but GamerGate is not the people I trust to bring those things about.

    • Very much agree, and you don’t have to pick a side or jump into this mess to let journalist know it’s time to clean up their act. 🙂

  3. I’m with you 100%.

  4. I can understand the desire to remain neutral and above the fray. But the fact is that the only thing preventing AGG (anti-Gamergate) from imposing their cultural totalitarianism on the entire industry is Gamergate. We are the monkey wrench in the works that’s keeping AGG from running roughshod over our hobby unopposed.

    Yes, we play rough and sometimes I cringe at the antics that are (rightfully) attributable to us. But we aren’t exactly fighting an honorable opponent here. There are no Marquess of Queensberry rules in effect. It’s a back alley brawl with an underhanded opponent without scruples or morality. Yep, sometimes we come away from those tussles dirty, but the point is, we are there, fighting for the hobby we love and accumulating the scars that come with it.

    Now this isn’t a Gamergate recruitment drive. No one is asking you to join the team and come in for the big win. All we ask is that when you witness AGG threatening a developer or spewing their hate or attacking a fellow gamer based on their opinion, FUCKING SAY SOMETHING! Get off the fence and take some responsibility for protecting your hobby. Don’t let them bully you into silence. The more people who take a stand against them openly, the greater the likelihood that we can stop them before they do irreparable harm. And you never, ever have to use the #gamergate hashtag even once. The important thing is to stand against AGG injustice and take a personal stake in the future of gaming. If you don’t, there’s no guarantee it will be there for you tomorrow.

    Neutrality sounds high-minded, but ignoring the AGG movement in gaming won’t make it go away. It only empowers it. Don’t do it for Gamergate. Fuck Gamergate! Do it for yourself.

    EDIT: Loved the article, btw.

      • No Gamergate reference in the whole page. Try again.

        • Vox Day is a prominent GG supporter.

          • You keep using that word.
            I do not think it means what you think it means.

          • Never heard of him and even if I did, guilt by association is not an argument.

          • It is when you not only do not condemn him once you learn of his agenda, but you condemn anyone who dares to suggest maybe his agenda and GG are not compatable.

          • Condemn? I’m just saying you are using a faulty argument, which you are.

    • Oh believe me, I intend to! I’m simply taking things one event at a time. When I fight, argue, debate, call someone out it’s based on my own views and opinions which aren’t always that of GG. When I use the term “neutrality” it’s simply that I don’t claim a “side” anymore, not that I’m completely passive. I just do me now, not GG. 🙂

    • The same could be said about PGG (pro-GamerGaters) as well.

      It also should note that there’s some shady individuals that co-opted the movement since the very beginning (especially the MRAs and Neo-Conservatives),

  5. Heh. I remember the first calm tweets you sent into the tag like it was yesterday lass. Terrible they’re going after your family but nevertheless. This is why we’re here, we folk without much to lose, standing up for what’s right. Able to withstand all this bullshit they’ve been slinging since we don’t have reputations to lose, or much in the way of family to get hurt.
    I’ve seen terrible things in these seven months. Some from us, most of it from them. But every side thinks it’s right, no matter what.
    Anyway, the point I wanna make is, we all do what we can for what we feel is right, and contribute what we can. This is probably the only way towards doing the right thing is keeping to a moral compass.
    And I wanna thank you for what you’ve done lass, and hope to see you even on the sidelines while we march on doing what we can do make shit right.

  6. Well said, Piper. I am glad to hear your perspective and insights.

  7. Thank you for this, though your neutral stance sounds an awful lot like my “pro-gamergate” stance. I usually just tend to call out people who are engaged in obvious lies and that’s enough to have me branded pro-.

    • Yes, I’m usually just branded pro. In fact, this article had many scoffing at my claims of neutrality but I’m more willing to entertain the ideas and opinions of both sides again than I once was. Rather just sit this one out and call out BS when I see it no matter who’s BS it is.

      • I suppose that’s where my confusion is, really. To me, being pro-gamergate seems to just be calling out people when they’re BSing. But not, like this lionhead studios thing, anyone who tells them that they shouldn’t capitulate to whining by sex-negative people who weren’t going to buy the game anyways, that’s enough to be a gamergater. Is their deal that they’ve done their best to stigmatize the term and now they’ll just label anyone that disagrees with them as that in hopes that even a desire to be neutral will force them to tow their party line?

        • Great point! I believe that’s why I’m still accused of being a GGer, though in my mind a GGer is focused on games journalism etc. I hate that when I call out other BS people just go “Oh you don’t like what I’m doing? You must be GG and therefor invalid.”

          • These past couple of days, though, what with the “jazz hands” and the lionhead studios thing, there’s just far too many people calling them out on it. They’re going to have to either be more selective about who they stamp the GG label on and admit that they don’t have majority popular support in all of their beliefs, or pretend that GG is a much larger organization than they’ve previously admitted, which will lead people to figure out that it’s not all about harassment.

  8. haven’t read it all the way through yet [but i am soon, just scatterbrained]. but I need to stress how much I hate the double standard of ppl using the “Jilted Ex” narrative in regards to Eron. He was an emotionally abused man, who outed his abuser. Saying “Jilted Ex” only shows that you didn’t read the Zoe Post.

    ok…on to finishing the article…

    • I sure hope you finished reading past that article, because I show that those aren’t my words but the media’s. I know about his abuse and feel for the man.

  9. never knew zq gave game codes for people to harass her.

  10. i was giving up at the first paragraph, but u faked me out and wrote such a good story about ur perspective of a neutral who got sucked into gamergate shenanigans. Thank you!

    • Yes, sadly it seems that first paragraph is upsetting people and they’re not reading past it. Thanks for chugging along!

      • The article is titled “Experiencing Gamergate from all sides” and anti is a side. Of course that view would be in the article. And if you started off against GamerGate, then logically, your article would start at that point.

        I’m a little disappointed that people who want others to look past the surface of GG wouldn’t look past the surface of this article.

  11. Thank you for your words on the topic. It’s good to see people discover the truth for themselves, in spite of what the media keep shouting.

    • And how about those of us who dug deeper into GamerGate since it was merely a buzzword or two on /v/ and DIDN’T like what they found, especially with regards to Vox Day and RooshV’s involvement, not to mention their foundations in /pol/?

      • Well, it just goes to show you confirmation bias clouds judgment. I’m an active supporter, and I do not even know who Vox Day and RooshV are. Additionally /pol/ and GamerGate have expressed extreme dislike for one another. You may want to look into the actual movement, not screencaps of anonymous chats.

        • Vox Day has expressed pretty steady support on both his site and Twitter, and RooshV opened up a GamerGate oriented gamejourno site called Reaxxion. As for the relationship, well, 02/28/15 (Sat) 00:18:38 5694cf No.417120. Totally nothing to do with /pol/!
          Fuck off. Without us /pol/acks GG would have died in the womb. We gathered the intel, we spread the initial word and those redpills you seem to hate so much actually got people on board.
          We sacrificed our homeland on cuckchan and made ourselves the prime target, so you could have a voice and don’t you forget it you ungrateful cunt.
          We did the early legwork so this movement could stand.

          • Uhuh, and I bet there’s a few other disagreeable people who do too. It does not make them significant. The same goes for ‘Anti-GG’, or any movement really.

            Well, I’m glad you’re taking /pol/’s word for it. That’s some solid evidence, an anonymous post. See, this is what confirmation bias is. I bet you haven’t even looked into real GamerGate communities. You just grabbed a quote someone else gave you. Do your own research.

      • write an article instead of spamming the comments with your baseless posts. Guilt by association is by no means an argument.

        • Nothing baseless to it. Besides quotes, all one has to do is go into /pol/ in it’s current incarnation and bring it up.

          And you’re right, guilt by association isn’t an argument, UNLESS said group not only refuses to condemn such people, but attacks people who point out their statements and history.

          • We have condemned harassment multiple times. You are just lying by this point.

          • I don’t think you are quite getting that no one here except you cares what /pol/ has to say. I’ve never visited the board, but apparently ANY time I have a legit criticism of anything anyone in gaming does, I’m immediately a gamergate harasser. Can you tell me how pointing out, with evidence or good logic, how someone is wrong somehow ties me to what a bunch of anonymous idiots on the chans/reddit have to say?

          • GamerGate was a product of /v/ and /pol/ brainstorming and in the case of /pol/, supplying rhetoric.

            Also, i don’t believe pointing out how someone is wrong with evidence or good logic…when it’s actually employed…automatically ties you to the founding forces of GamerGate.

          • Could you please shut up about /pol/? Just because you saw some conspiracy theory plastered on whatever site you frequent doesn’t mean that they somehow tricked baldwin into coining the hashtag and it doesn’t mean that anyone who associates with gamergate is always wrong about everything. Literally the ONLY argument you’ve employed against them is that they were made by someone evil. If you’re going to accept that bad, bad logic you REALLY need to look up the feather brigade.

          • It doesn’t mean their always wrong. Don’t believe that. Never have. How many times do I have to say that I agree with what GamerGate claims to want?! HOWEVER, when they’re willing to handwave the presence of, or worse yet agree with such groups, then yes I have a big problem and consider their notions suspect.

          • But I don’t see that happening. Again, it’s only you making these connections. No one else here has any clue what you’re talking about. It’s possible that there’s some stupid plot there to defeat the SJWs then reveal /pol/’s master plan to enforce sterilization of the Jews or something, but I swear that at least as far as I’ve seen (mostly knowyourmeme.com and reddit’s KiA forum) that’s not happened in the least yet, and just because people who are fighting against censorship and shoddy journalism in gaming use the name that you claim the cabal came up with doesn’t mean that they’ll be forced to serve as stormtroopers when the true plot is revealed.

          • And again, it’s NOT because their “fighting against shoddy journalism”, it’s because they’re doing that and demanding the head of Naughty Dog for making the Last of Us too pro-female.

          • Who is doing that? I’m not doing it. KiA has nary a mention of it, it’s not mentioned on the KYM page. If I had to guess, I’m going to say that you have a tweet where someone was mean about it and it’s completely unaffiliated with GG except in that the antis call ANY harassment GG. The KYM and KiA version of GG has been openly inclusive and has donated tons of money to diversity campaigns, and there IS evidence of that.

          • More like a posting on /gg/, but I’ve already seen your opinion of those.

          • GG has been run by trolls from the start. they recently got ahold of /gamergate/ as well. And in all of this, even if gamergaters were all 100% asshole trolls, it wouldn’t matter when it comes to collusion in the gaming industry and mass censorship, yet EVERY SINGLE TIME it’s used as an excuse to deflect the argument away from that. Thanks to people buying into the dumb conspiracy theories, the journalists have never once had to answer for their behavior.

          • Never once? Remind me, what happened to Bob Chipman after this whole thing broke…

          • I think he got laid off? Escapist has shown good progress, I must say, but I suppose they’re the exception. In either case, can’t we make the arguments about what people want here rather than a series of attempted character assassinations?

          • What have I described about RooshV or Vox Day that’s untrue, pray tell?

  12. Great read. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  13. ““evidence is just a tool of the patriarchy,” and yes, that is a real quote.” This is an attitude I ran into quite often when I was back in University for the first time in 15 years, particularly with some of the theoretical frameworks that were used for different forms of research. ie: the lens through which researchers would gather, interpret and distribute data. Feminism (and post-modernism and post-structrualism, to be fair, are ones who have a similar attitude, and there are others I can’t think of off the top of my head) had a very large tendency to devalue empirical data due to a fairly large amount of subtle bias in how that data was gathered, interpreted and distributed. This, in and of itself, is a good thing – for example, IQ tests from the early 20th century were heavily biased towards educated white males and caused many people to think that non-white males were inferior, and a startling amount of research even into the later half of the 20th century still referenced these biased studies. And because it is nearly impossible to empirically study some things – like the experiences of women in the 20th century – much of the feminist (and other frameworks, as noted above) deals with giving more weight to non-empirical forms of data. “Listen and Believe” is a pretty good description of it.

    And I agree with the need for this sort of research to be done. Emphatically I agree.

    However… this seems to have had the side effect of making it acceptable to outright dismiss any sort of empirical evidence at all that goes against the non-empirical evidence that is being held up as sacrosanct. In GamerGate terms, there is outright evidence of harassment by anti-GG against Neutrals and pro-GG members which is entirely dismissed by Anti-GG, while when someone who is anti-GG feels threatened, it is taken as iron-clad evidence of a threat.

    With all that being said, I would implore you to stay Neutral. We need more Neutrals who are vocal – we don’t need more supporters. We don’t need more Pro-GG. We need more people who are willing to challenge us, to point out where we are wrong, where we are making mistakes, where we should stop pushing. We need people to tell us when we’ve crossed lines we shouldn’t cross. And we need that from people we can trust – and that we aren’t actively working against. If an Anti-GG says “Stop doing that!”, we’re probably going to do more because that’s just the mindset of Us vs Them – if it bothers them, it’s a good thing. If a Neutral says “Stop doing that.” we’re going to be more likely to actually consider what we’re doing because it’s not an Us vs Them situation, it’s an outsider saying “Stop it.” who has no skin in the game, so to speak.

    So stay neutral. Stay objective. Call us out when you feel we need to be called out. If you can tell us why you feel we need to be called out, please do so, but even if you can’t tell us why still call us out. If something we’re doing is making you feel uncomfortable but in a way that you can’t articulate, someone else is probably feeling the same way and if there’s a dialogue, maybe we’ll be able to figure out a way to articulate it.

    • I tried. All I got was to be called “SJW”, “liberal”, “anti-gamer”, “shill”, “Jew”, ect.

      • The problem is that you’re nothing resembling neutral. You continuously lob poorly founded accusations and your logic is so riddled with problems – ranging from ad hominems to genetic fallacy to association fallacy – that it could never have formed from real, unbiased research.

        You do not need to support or even agree with GamerGate, but at least bring some solid logic and arguments.

        • I believe the correct term is “concern trolling”.

    • This is one hell of a comment! I fully agree, and plan to calls it likes I sees it when I sees it. 😉

    • Actually there is a quote where one tumblrette literally said “evidence is oppression”.

      But yes, that is what they think which is why whenever one of these white people calls out gg or nys to prove they are a minority or female, and then they do, or when they get btfo by evidence, their only response is to immediately hit the block button. We saw this most recently with the “changethecover” catwoman fiasco.

  14. Cracked.com is a lost case. It used to be a good website, but now it’s completely worthless.

    • At this point they have almost become Buzzfeed.

  15. Thanks for this. Sorry about the a-holes unwilling to entertain dissent from GG, I know I’m not responsible for their actions but regardless, not happy about it.

    • There’s always going to be extremist in every group or movement etc. I don’t blame anyone I just started to get tired and stressed out and needed to step back and focus on my personal life for now.

  16. Hey. it was only a one off thing on that picture of Vivian, but.. Purple and green in that context ARE a reference to a rape/sex joke/meme.

    It’s called the “daily dose” on 4chan. I don’t think anybody really likes the picture, cause they just use it as a “you haven’t had a daily dose of this crummy picture yet.” Soon they started using purple and green things as “stand ins” for the picture, instead of using the picture itself, because it started getting banned and… well, it’s 4chan. They have weird jokes and thought processes and just wanted to keep the joke going, I guess.

    The picture in question is a picture of Picallo (who is green and wears purple) doing Vegeta doggy style. It could be considered rape, cause vegeta’s tied up with energy beams, but they’d argue it ISN’T rape cause those energy beams are HIS skill, or something? I must admit, I’ve not watched DBZ. That’s the excuse, so I assume it’s one of those “wink wink, totally not rape guys.” jokes. And since it was such a prolific meme, they decided to use the colours of the meme in Vivian’s design.

    So, yeah, Purple and Green ARE reference to a meme that has ties to a picture that is of homosexual intercourse, which may or may not be consensual bondage or rape? It’s convoluted and weird. So I don’t begrudge people saying it’s a rape joke, because, on one of the many layers, it kind of… is? And also isn’t? Bah.

    • It’s not rape – BSDM. The energy rings used in the offending .gif were, like you said, something only Vegeta was shown to use, and Vegeta was almost always stronger than Piccolo, so he could have broken free easily if he wanted (I think the only moment when Piccolo is stronger in the entire show is right after he fused with Neil, but they are in Namek then and the background of the gif doesn’t resemble Namek at all). The gif is from an artist that has a series of those, and he never once called them rape. There are also pokemons doing each other, a machine being used on Vegeta (by Bulma, his wife, of all people!) in a room which looks strikingly similar to the training room she devised for him (which, to me, is an allusion that this is “training” to him, perhaps alluding to some sub-dom relationship) and so on.

      There is literally NO context of rape there, unless you meant to say that gay sex is always rape (therefore homosexuals are always rapists). And that sounds pretty homophobic to me. You said it yourself that you have never watched DBZ, yet you still analyze the .gif missing entirely on the context (both from the show as well as from the creator of it – who, by the way, never called it rape). If I didn’t know any better, I’d ask if you are a gaming journo!

      As far as saying purple and green are a reference to rape in ANY case as some would claim, this is even more barmy. See pic attached.

      Anyway, I think that seeing rape everywhere tells us a lot more about the person seeing this than the artwork under scrutiny. Don’t be that guy. Don’t go FullMc.

      • So the GG people know about 4chan in-jokes? I wouldn’t have expected them to even look up 4chan.

        • You kidding? A good portion of us came from 4chan. How do you think the 8chan exodus started?

    • I heard something like that, but it seemed to get watered down to “purple and green = rape” and that’s what I take issue with. Those are my favorite colors and honestly I want Vivian’s hoodie, haha.
      Rape or not I think it was a HUGE stretch to say those colors mean anything other than “they look great together”.

  17. Its always nice to see an objective look at this stuff. Wish more people thought like you.

    • >Search for any mentions of GamerGate in the article
      >No mentions of GamerGate in the article

      • The article was part of ReturnofKings, one of RooshV’s domains. RooshV is a prominent GamerGater.

        • Prominent? I don’t even know who they are. How often do you see them discussed in communities? Also, you seem to care more about ad hominem than actual real arguments against GamerGate as a movement.

          It’s been said a thousand times, but I’ll just do it again: You cannot define an enormous group of people sharing a movement by what one or a few of them said.

          • Do you apply that same rule to anti-gamergaters as well?

          • ‘Course. I don’t judge individuals based on groups.

        • According to his AMA, he isn’t.

          • Yea, I read it. He’s covering his bases, trying to keep the noise down in GG regarding his involvement, because he knows that there’s still a portion of GG that, as I said, Did Not Sign On For This Shit.

          • If he is staying the hell out of it, how can you even say he is the face of GG or whatever?

            From my point of view, he is trying to make money out of a segment of gamers that are being ignored from the old guard. I don’t have a problem with people making a buck, as long as they adhere to ethical standards, and they seem to be doing so (despite the content being a bit too “reverse jezebel” to my tastes”).

          • He’s doing anything but! Reaxxion was created specifically for the GG crowd. That’s not “staying out of it”.

          • ANYONE can make ANY WEBSITE and push pro-GG topics. What we CAN do is VISIT or NOT VISIT.

            What are you suggesting, that we stop people from doing it?

          • You can also condemn them. You can also make it clear “This jackass speaks for himself and only himself, not for us. ” Besides, you don’t mind blacklisting and boycott, right?

          • What point of NO ONE IN GAMERGATE SPEAKS FOR US COLLECTIVELLY did you not get? Each member already does that individually. You saw some in the Reddit thread.

            The reason for the approved list I explained already. It is an analysis of the WEBSITE itself and that alone. If you are expecting us to make extensive background checks on every single person out there, I’m sorry but we won’t. Is Roosh a game journo? Is he writing on a gaming website? No? Then we don’t care collectivelly. Doesn’t stop individual people to avoid his works or not.

            As for your proof you sent my way, I will read it and post what I think about it later. Right now I’m playing videogames as god intended.

          • You won’t do extensive background checks on people…unless their names are Brianna Wu or Anita Sarkeesian.

            But yea, take your time. I have grudges on Injustice to deal with till you do.

          • Brianna Wu? You mean the same person who slanders GamerGate with untrue accusations? Same one that uses our revolt to gain victimbux?

            Anita is very relevant to GamerGate as well, especially since she is at the forefront of their unethical crusade.

            Roosh, however…? Not so much. Completely nobody in the GG context beyond being the moneywad that made reaxxion a reality.

          • You do realize all your notables fail their background checks. Brianna quite literally lies about fleeing her home, concocts sarin gas attacks against herself, and is generally a dishonest and disreputable person who is only in this to gain notoriety and money. Harper is a notorious bully as documented by ship2block20 articles by sushi lulu, yes she even bullies women, but that is how queen bee’s are.. the others have quite “interesting” entries on encycloplaedia dramatica, from srh butts to laurelai bailey to chris kluwe… Quinns list of abuses is just inexcusable, and Anita….there is no way to defend that intellectually dishonest fraud and coward.
            Gamergate isn’t about conformity, perhaps that concept is so alien to you that it has to be explained, this is true diversity, not antiGG’s extremely narrow and selective idea of diversity. People working towards as common goal, as long as Roosh isn’t making death threats, I don’t care who he voted for in the last election or whatever political position he has. This is the difference between true tolerance and diversity and the sjw “diversity” where everyone is expected to be the same. You see this with their hipster conformity, their hair is all so often the “colors” they are oh so often not just white, but a specific type of privileged white person. Quite literally all 3 professional victims are linked to wealth, Brianna through her parents, Zoe through her current boyfriend who is a trust fund child, and Anita who’s long term producer writer is also a trust fund child. While children of wealth and privilege crying oppression.
            And no, Roosh doesn’t care if women make games, he doesn’t care if women play games, he only cares if feminists impose their politics on other peoples games. And don’t confuse feminists with women and so many do, not all women are feminists, and gamergate is only helping hammer down this point, which is yet another reason why the media is so desperate to attack it .

          • If you’re about diversity, then why publish articles proclaiming why you don’t need diversity in gaming?

            Roosh doesn’t care about women playing or making games you say? Do I need to relink the article he penned explaining how we ruined gaming?

            See, here’s the difference between me and GamerGate; I’ll condemn Wu and Sarkeesian all day long. I don’t deny a thing you’ve said about them. They’re attention whores at best, and con artists at worst. Difference is, I won’t embrace people like Vox Day and Roosh just because of that! you find them just fine to bed down with, even sing along with and agree with, I do not.

  18. No, this is a woman sharing her experience of actually looking into GamerGate. You might want to have a go at that!

    Y’see, even if you did have evidence for any of your bold claims – which you seem to lack entirely – it doesn’t even matter, because what a random person said on Twitter doesn’t define an enormous multifaceted discussion or its participants.

    Drop the righteous fury for a few moments and take the time to do real research. Talk to people. Examine actual communities.

    • I did, and unlike some people, I as a proud gamer who’s defended this hobby all the way from the days when Night Trap somehow warranted a congressional hearing, I did not like what I found in the movement, especially where it originated. I did not need to get in bed with right wing idealogues like Milo, Vox, Roosh, Sommers, and ESPECIALLY not with white nationalist groups in order to defend the subculture before (and yes, that included defending it from left wing puritans as well, I remember well Hillary Clintons’ blathering about Hot Coffee), and I do not need to to do so again.

      • Where it originated – even if you did have some evidence to back up your claims – doesn’t even matter. That’s a genetic fallacy. The current state of the movement is what matters, and you don’t seem to know the first thing about it.

        Also, really? Sommers? She’s not a right wing idealogue. And again with the labels, huh? Is it so hard to form an individual perspective on people and things? I don’t care where on the political spectrum people are, I’ll judge each statement and idea by its own merits rather than play the labeling game. That’s the domain of bigots.

        Again, talk to people. Listen to people. Examine communities. Do some actual research, and do it on your own.

        • Again, I examined the very communities it spawned from, namely /v/ and /pol/.

          Yes, Sommers, a former supporter and employee of GW Bush and member of a CONSERVATIVE THINK TANK, is a right wing idealogue.

          Labels. Seems GamerGaters don’t mind throwing them on me. Shill. Jew. SJW. Just to name a couple.

          • So your entire argument is based on research of anonymous boards that you believe – but have no evidence to prove – GamerGate originated from? Your entire argument is a genetic fallacy.

            Uhuh. Again, prove it, and again, it doesn’t matter so long as her arguments are solid.

            Yeah, people calling you names… that would happen on boards like /v/ and /pol/, boards that make a job of being offensive to the easily offended. How about examining actual GamerGate communities, like Kotaku In Action?

          • 02/28/15 (Sat) 00:18:38 5694cf No.417120.
            Fuck off. Without us /pol/acks GG would have died in the womb. We gathered the intel, we spread the initial word and those redpills you seem to hate so much actually got people on board.
            We sacrificed our homeland on cuckchan and made ourselves the prime target, so you could have a voice and don’t you forget it you ungrateful cunt.
            We did the early legwork so this movement could stand.

          • You’ve got a single anonymous quote that doesn’t even claim to be objective and quotes zero sources. Is that the sum of your research? Because you seem to be clutching onto it desperately. I’m starting to believe you never did do any actual real research.

          • lol

          • You realize anyone can post on an imageboard, right? And you realize we caught SJWs red-handed multiple times trying to implicate us (because they didn’t know we had an ID system), right?

          • Fully aware of this, which is why in nothing I have said have I said that the accusations levelled at GG, aside from their bedding down with some very troublesome people and movements, were true.

          • There is no bedding down with Roosh. He made a website. A gaming related website. In which he decided to push pro-GG views (which seems to be views he spoused before, in the being against SJW’s sense). What do you want, that we tell him “sorry, you can’t make a gaming website”?

            He made a gaming website? Good – people in GG can decide to visit or not. Why is he on the approved-GG list? Because the website has been abiding to their ethical policies and don’t seem to hate gamers. That’s it.

          • What do I want? For GG to make it clear “You have your agenda, we have ours, and it does not match. We are not your army. We are not your friends.”

            But they didn’t. He’s on the “Approved” list. His agenda is, unlike the sites listed in the unapproved, just fine with GG apparently.

            And don’t give me this “agendas have nothing to do with it. “

          • You want people to be clear on their political positions? What do you want? a questionnaire for every political position so everyone can denounce each other over whatever specific position they have which is not in line with the others? So what’s the “correct” position on israel/palestine for GG huh? Give me a break, your assertions are fundamentally unreasonable to begin wtih, gamergate people clearly do not care to take on other peoples politics, so why do you care about the difference or declaring it? Perhaps because you come from a side where diversity doesn’t exist, either you conform, or you are thrown out, and that is exactly what we are against.

            And to be honest, you want extreme standards for GG when you hold your side to absolutely no standards at all. Anti GG are the most shamelessly dishonest people around. If anti GG people had to openly declare their non support of the dishonest people in anti GG and distance themselves from those people, there would be no one left.

          • Really? What are my “extreme standards”?

            Also, do you even know who “my side” is? This is going to hear interesting considering how you’re harping about my demands to conformity, and to see if you got just as much if not more of a “us or them” mentality you accuse me of having.

            Or maybe you already have. You’ve already declared anyone who is not GG to be dishonest, after all. Christ, and here you are talking about MY standards…

          • Oh my. More screenscaps of anonymous people. I’m starting to think the actual evidence will never emerge, but at least it says a lot about you that this weighs more than talking to the actual people and exploring the actual communities. And all to support an argument that was a fallacy from the start.

          • Also, I said ‘do your own research.’ This is not your own research. These are the same screenshots that have been desperately circlejerked around for months. I’m starting to get a little worried that you’re wasting everyone’s time.

          • Then block me. Ignore me. Do what you think you must in regards to the matter. All I know is that it wasn’t the Sarkeesians or Quinn’s or the anti GG’ers who are now appraising my fucking Steam library for “SJW infested” games. Like State of Decay. And Doom.

          • Why would I? I appreciate dialog.

            Appraising your Steam library? Geez, where did that come from? It seems like you have a more personal axe to grind with GamerGate, one that has nothing to do with its origins.

          • Yes, appraising my Steam library. I know you’ll dismiss it as yet another anonymous interaction with the chans, but yes, I was informed by /gg/ of a list of “SJW games” that needed to be blacklisted. State of Decay was a big one, as was Last of Us. Even Doom wasn’t safe because, again quoting directly whether you want to believe it or not, “Doom simply portrays Hell’s minions punishing man for their moral degeneracy. The marine in Doom is nothing but a hit man for the Jew and their snake cult.”

          • I’m sorry to hear about that.

            But have you considered that the post was a parody? You see, GamerGate is strongly anti-censorship, and that description of Doom is about as clear as satire comes. They actually sound like things the stereotypical “SJW” would say, see? In general, it’s hard to get a good feel for anything by looking at the Chans. Try the Subreddit KotakuInAction, which is really a prominent GamerGate community.

          • If you want to be that willfilly ignorant about the role that the chans played, I can’t go any further with this. You want to keep looking at the branches, your prerogative, but it doesn’t make me un-see or forget the roots of this movement.

          • I guess the “evidence” has run out. So far, you have neither proven that role nor shown why it has any meaning. After all, like the actual research Piper did shows, the movement was kind and welcoming and clearly has solid arguments.

            Have you considered that it is you, and not me, who is refusing to look at the core of things? ‘This person said this,’ ‘This is somehow the origin of that,’ but not a single argument spent on the actual GamerGate movement or its goals. Maybe it’s time for some self reflection?

          • Parusing /gg/, I don’t even know what the goals are anymore, or even if it’s staying to video games.

          • It has been leaking out into general journalism. But if chan culture gets on your nerves, try Subreddits like KotakuinAction. It’s more moderated, so it’s easier to see what the community at large does and does not agree with.


            Well, that’s clearly proof that GamerGate is an ISIS of Hitlers.

            P.S. Sommers worked for Dubya when?

          • The “ISIS” garbage is just that. Hyperbolic garbage. If anything I think GG is mostly true believers who have a legitimate beef with an increasingly hostile gaming press, but for some reason, are buying the notion that right wing vultures and idealogues are doing it for the love of the subculture instead of using them as a personal hammer against their usual enemies.

            The AEI, the organization Sommers works for, was credited by the administration it’self for GW’s public policy.

          • The “ISIS” garbage is just that. Hyperbolic garbage.


            are buying the notion that right wing vultures and idealogues are doing it for the love of the subculture instead of using them as a personal hammer against their usual enemies

            Oh, we know why they came in, but we’re not going to turn away people just for disagreement.

            That’s why we got Wikileaks, a large number of Atheists, and Sp!ked on our side.

            The AEI, the organization Sommers works for, was credited by the administration it’self for GW’s public policy.

            OK, so now we’ve gone from “Sommers, a former [..] employee of GW Bush” to ‘Sommers, an employe at a think tank that the Bush administration was influenced by’.

            Do you not understand why people are disbelieving you? You’ve confused an institution with an employe of the institution, and confused being influenced with hiring.

          • You know why, and despite their hypocrisy and disingenousness in regards to caring about gaming culture, you’re okay with it?

            Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

          • You know why, and despite their hypocrisy and disingenousness in regards to caring about gaming culture, you’re okay with it?

            Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

            Do you think the Soviet Union was on the Allies side because Stalin loved freedom and peace?

            Or do you think that the Western Allies should have said “Fuck you! We will never ally with you!”?

            P.S. You still haven’t responded to the other two parts of my responce.

          • Guilt by association. All the time. It’s the only thing you can come up with, you don’t even accept it (in theory), but your whole presence in this discussion is basically this: guilt by association again and again.

          • And I’ve said again and again that guilt by association is one thing, but when you not only refuse to condemn an element but insult people that dare to condemn it’s presence, it’s a little more than just that.

          • I haven’t insulted you. Stop trying to distract from the fact that you are using faulty logic.

          • You assume to even know what stances and sides I support, even after I explained that A: I find the likes of Wu, Harper and Sarkeesian to be hucksters. I want to personally slap someone whenever I read Biddle. and B: I’ve said here over and over again that I support what GG CLAIMS to be after.

            I never claimed that women didn’t exist in GG. Not once.

            I’m not saying this again, so if you can’t get it through your head, we’re done; I do not support the likes of Harper and Sarkeesian. Never have. Never will. But just because I don’t, it does not mean I will truck with people like Vox and Roosh and overlook their agendas.

            How much clearer do I need to make it?

          • organizations are often involved in policies that span multiple presidencies. What policy that they came up with is right wing? If you can’t point to any you are again using guilt by association, which you are doing all the time and seems to be your problem in general.

            Look I’m certain any number of horrible people supported any number of valid causes and ideas, that doesn’t make those causes,ideas etc any less valid. If this was the case the only thing horrible people would need to do to get their way would be to publicly support anything good, then idiots like you would have to disassociate and leave the cause. Auto-win.

      • lol. White nationalist groups? Proof?

        Sommers: registered Democrat is a right wing ideologue?

        You might have ‘defended the hobby’ in the past, but now we have the same puritans coming from a different side, their label doesn’t matter.

        • /pol/ is unapologetically a white nationalist/seperatist group.

          Yes, a member of the American Enterprise Institute, one of the largest self described conservative think tanks in the US, as well as being a former employee of Bush 43, is a right wing idealogue.

          Again, those left wing puritans were always there. Just look at the debacle over Hot Coffee back in the day. Also, Tipper Gore; not much more needs to be elaborated from there with that name. There is little different except for right wingers suddenly claiming to be ardent game culture defenders despite their constant history of slapping us in the face alongside the liberals. The thing that enrages me that is that so many gamers are actually believing their song and dance. I will not join some idealogue’s personal crusade just because they tack on “but we’re fighting for gaming culture, ect…” with their sales pitch.

          • lol. assertions based on nothing.

            Self-described nonpartisan

          • How much info from /pol/ would you like?

          • Dude your theory totally disregards /v/. v had GG discussions banned. pol wasn’t were this started I’m sorry.

          • You claim research when you cite /pol/? Pol is a semi satirical politically incorrect shit posting board which isn’t gamergate.

            When a self declared feminist like Sommers is a “conservative”, you’ve only branded yourself an extreme left wing radical because if explained in an honest manner, almost no moderate democrat would disagree with the points she makes.
            Here is 3 full hours of her.

            If your metric is that anyone to the right of a tumblr feminist is a conservative, well there is no point discussing politics at all. And you say “conservative” as if it means anything, you are using it a pejorative, which is frankly a joke based on a whole set of presumptions, and its intellectually lazy and invalid. A “conservative” and a “liberal” can find ISIS to be unconscionable regardless of their politics on other matters, the knee jerk need to take the other side if conservatives are involved is not based on rational thinking.
            Who’s believing a song and dance, either you believe in ethical behavior or you do not. Ask why people against gamergate believe the song and dance of the Sarkeesians and Wu’s who are proven liars on the very issue at hand, games, and the freedom of developers to pursue their artistic expression, freedom of consumers to enjoy what they want, and the freedom of the market to democratically support and provide the content that fans desire.
            If your fear is that people are becoming conservatives because of conservative support, you have that backwards, its the progressives becoming so corrupt, so unethical, and so immoral that they are driving people away from themselves.

            “sales pitch” implies a sheep like consumer mentality, which is exactly the insulting nonsense gamers have been outraged with. This part of your post is the most galling. “sales pitch”, is what feminists and sjw’s and the media they control have been throwing at gamers for the last few years and we are just tired of it, we are tired of having our intelligence insulted that way, we want them to stop telling us what we are, and to stop telling us what to like and think, so if you think we’ll take that from others, you really don’t understand what this is about.

          • Then stop telling the rest of the world….especially other gamers in your midst like me, what we are, what to like, and what to think. I won’t tolerate the likes of Sarkeesian doing it, but unlike you, I wont’ tolerate the likes of Roosh and Vox doing it in return.

            And yes, Sommers works for the American Enterprise Institute, which by their own branding is a CONSERVATIVE ORGANIZATION.

    • Again, I’ve been researching it before it even left half-chan’s borders. Can’t bullshit someone who saw the monster before it left Dr. Frankenstien’s table.

      • So far, you have not demonstrated knowledge to match. Also, Frankenstein’s monster was essentially goodhearted and tragic but suffered awful treatment from his environment, so this analogy pleases me.

      • You’ve researched what exactly? I’ve been in GG since it began, I’m sorry but if you googled gamergate for a few hours, you know nothing, especially considering the scale of corruption in the media and censorship across all platforms, to the point where even 4chan, bastion of free speech fell. Nothing was safe, from wikipedia to reddit, it all was found wanting.

  19. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  20. Great stuff, I only wish more of the people doing and saying terrible things on the anti side would be strong enough to actually challenge their beliefs and see how well they hold up.

  21. One last thing though; it seems that while Kotaku and some other video game journo sites got on GG”s hit list pretty easy, it seems that the aforementioned RooshV’s Reaxxion did not seem to qualify, DESPITE Roosh’s contradictory claims about loving video gaming one day, then hating it the next, DESPITE acknowledgement that Roosh was preaching things that GG claims are contrary to it’s positions, “Nothing shows that RooshV hates women… On the contrary, I think he loves them too much.” Not from a chan, btw, from http://wiki.gamergate.me/index.php?title=Talk:Boycott_List

    • Hey there, I’m trying to keep up with all your comments and I think I read them all. You’ve brought interesting things to my attention that I’d love to explore further when I have time, though I’ve never heard of the people you’re mentioning. I am not a channer, and only explored the forums when my research sent me that way to try and see what’s been cherry picked etc. I do not condone guilt-by-association, as neither
      Anti-GG nor Pro-GG can control the actions of everyone else. I’ve had as many bad interactions with some on Pro side as I have had good with those on Anti side, and it is these interactions that help shape my experiences.
      That’s all this editorial is, a summary of my experience interacting with the GG tag, and the snooping I’ve done behind some of the big claims. I’m sorry to see my mostly-positive experience with GGers has upset or hurt you in some way, but that’s just how it happened for me. I can’t say that’s how it happened for everyone, because I am not everyone. I’m only trying to encourage people to research past the headlines and find the truth. The truth isn’t always in GG’s favor, and that’s fine. Just snoop, find it, form your own relationships and opinions. Thank you for the information, and I wish you the best.

      • Appreciate the response, Piper. You owe it to yourself to check the dark side out of this movement before you go all-in again. No, you can’t control other’s actions, but you can condemn them and tell them you want nothing to do with their agenda, and that your movement is not their personal hit squad to carry out their already standing grudges.

        I want the exact same things that GamerGate CLAIM they want put, the problem is when they start bedding down with people with agendas that aren’t just offensive to me personally, but in some cases contradictory to what GG claims to stand for. You may very well not reach the same conclusion I did, but at least don’t ignore it.

        • Of course, as far as I know King of /pol/ was around for a bit but was later called out by GGers. I’ve not heard a peep from or about him since. Followed him briefly on Twitter and witnessed that end of the drama. Otherwise, as I said, I checked out the chan boards when there seemed to be things going on/accusations made about them and these people didn’t hit the radar.

          And the thing is, if it didn’t hit my radar it probably wasn’t a big deal. That’s not head-in-sand but simply being efficient. I don’t need to look up each individual post if it’s not effecting anything important and I still don’t think you’re grasping the point of this article. I looked up HARASSMENT claims and THREAT claims and things that made NEWS.

          I’m talking real-world effects not squabbles of anonymous shitposters. As I said in my piece, it’s stupid to hold an entire tag/group responsible for trolls.
          A lot of what you do bring up has been the source of some drama (the personal hit squad thing), so I agree it’s happened/happening but I see a lot of GGers fighting against that.

          That said, I’m more than willing to do more snooping into some person’s personal agenda when I have time and see if it had/has any effect on my relationship with GGers. My advice, though, is that if you do not like GamerGate as a whole that’s fine, but maybe focus your time and energy into the things you want to see in journalism and less into hunting down GG stuff and arguing about it. This is an editorial piece. I don’t have a journalism degree. This is me stating my personal experience. It’s odd to have someone tell me I experienced something wrong.

          • I have. It’s why I supported the boycott of Gamespot after the Gerstmann debacle. It’s why I’ll happily jump in any dogpile on Biddle or any other genuinely anti-gaming jackass. It’s why even when I was younger, I was trying to put the word out against disinformation about video games when Night Trap and Mortal Kombat were the hot ticket controversies.

            I “hunt down GG stuff” becuase I see it seeping into gaming culture as a whole, and I don’t like the effects. When people are now scrutinizing game libraries for “SJW content”, and games like State of Decay and Doom are considered left wing indoctrination tools, something is very rotten in Denmark. Gaming remaining apolotical was always something positive about the subculture. Now I’m watching that aspect be destroyed, both by SJW activists spouting the same nonsense they’ve done since Tipper Gore was a household name, and too many of my fellow gamers gleefully leaping into the arms of far right zealots (the same kind who were joining in on the bullying not more than a year ago, MILO…). It makes me both angry and sad.

          • When people are now scrutinizing game libraries for “SJW content”, and games like State of Decay and Doom are considered left wing indoctrination tools

            Again, the only one saying anything like that is you.

          • No, apparently according to Reaxxion, having a female protagonist in your action game makes you guilty of Pro-SJW heresy.

        • Ethics in games journalism, games culture, freedom of speech and just basic concern for honesty has nothing to do with ethics in pick up artistry. I’m sorry but your positions are absurd.
          Might as well ask any democratic muslims you know to renounce their religion because it contains things which are offensive to you personally, and until then you can’t consider democrats a leftist party until they stop “bedding down” with people that are “impure”.

          • Yet here you are, constantly defending Roosh’s statements, including MAKING RAPE LEGAL. Even that isn’t too extreme for you.

            Also, I don’t consider the democrats a truly leftist party anymore. They’re authoritarian, as surely as the GOP, and them bedding down with distinctly illiberal people is a reason why.

    • It’s funny because if you DID research GG, you would realize reaxxion is called by many as “jezebel-lite” or “bizarro jezebel” and many people in GG don’t really like it.

      However, let’s play your game. Kotaku is there because of their failure to enforce disclosures and their EiC’s inability to keep his employees in check. He basically lets the inmates run the asylum – something you can see from his interview from Totalbiscuit:


      Totilo’s complete failure to discipline Nathan Grayson despite the obvious ethical breach on his part just cemented the fact that it should be boycotted. That andc the Kotaku crew are, in general, highly unprofessional and generally bad journalists/bloggers. For example, take Jason “Ebola” Schreier:

      He asked on twitter what seemed to be the biggest problem in gaming journalism. According to him, the most answers he got were for metacritic (which is quite convenient since Kotaku has no review scores, so wouldn’t be contributing to this problem). However, the truth is unethical journalism actually had the most answers:


      This next one shows how terrible Jason is at verifying information (essential skill for a journalist) and, when proven wrong, insists and stands by his mistake instead of being humble, apologising and admitting his fuck up:


      Next, our wonder boy Jason calls out a respected game developer as a 14 year old tween for his particular artistic taste:


      He also brands people that like the artistic direction in Dragon’s Crown as lolicon lovers:


      But he was called out on it later, because there is actually a reasoning behind the art direction of the game. This has a good explanation of it:


      As a bonus, this in-depth analysis also shows how much thought is given to the art of Dragons Crown:


      He would know if he did some research, but thats too hard for Kotaku.

      And don’t even get me started on Patricia Hernandez!

      Meanwhile, Reaxxxion had a writer fired on the spot for unethical practises.

      Also, surely your research led you to this AMA RooshV did on KiA:


      Where its stated by many KiA members they disagree with his opinions on RoK (which is FINE – disagreeing with someone is pretty standard, and something we uphold in GamerGate), but some are willing to judge his new site based on its content. Not everyone liked it. I seldom read it, but treat it as a tabloid for GG related events (and in this stance, I mean GG as the event, not the revolt). I don’t really like his RoK site, I don’t like PUA culture and my views don’t align with Roosh’s views on plenty of topics, but ultimately, that barely matters, as he doesn’t write for reaxxion.

      Your tirades seem to be related to an axe you have to grind against RooshV personally, and you have yet to supply a single proof of your claims. The gamergate wiki i proof of what, exactly…?

      • All I see is RooshV trying to head off criticism at the pass, he’s at least smart enough to know that a good deal of GamerGate did not, as they say, “sign up for this shit”. It’s honestly helping my point that so many people are giving him “atta boy!”‘s in spite of Roosh saying he’s NOT EVEN A GAMER. But again, go ahead, lie down with dogs and see what you wake up with.

        • ” in spite of Roosh saying he’s NOT EVEN A GAMER.”

          So? Ms. Sommers is also not a gamer. What is the problem here? If someone who isn’t a gamer wishes to put their money and resources towards making a gaming website and calling people who ARE gamers to manage it, what exactly is wrong with it?

          “That ceases to be if you’re in bed with ACTUAL misogynists.”

          And you have yet to show proof of this whatsoever. I will judge people based on actual proof, not mere hearsay. Also, whatever he is, Roosh is merely a pot of money that funds Reaxxion. Like people said before, he doesn’t write there.

          Show me proof of his hate of women and I will reevalue my thoughts on him, but it’s gonna have to be something really major to tarnish his website, which he is not even writing for.

          • Here’s more then!

            “Within every woman on this planet, regardless of her education or background,
            is a bitch, a cunt, a slut, a golddigger, a flake, a cheater, a backstabber,
            a narcissist and an attention whore” (direct from Vlog, searching for part on page)

            “Men should assert their dominance through anal sex” http://www.returnofkings.com/22204/men-should-assert-their-dominance-over-women-through-anal-sex

            All Public Rape Allegations are False.

            American men choose homosexuality because they don’t want to put up with women

            “A gap between the sexes should always exist in the favor of men if procreation is to occur at high rates, or else you’ll have something similar to the situation in America where urban professional women cannot find “good men” to begin a family with (i.e., men who are significantly more financially successful than them). They instead remain single and barren, only used occasionally by cads for exciting casual sex.” http://www.returnofkings.com/49185/cultural-collapse-theory-the-7-steps-that-lead-to-a-complete-culture-decline?

            I can keep this up for quite a while, buddy.

          • Someones linking videos without even listening to them….what does he say in that video other than what he did? He expects rape to be dealt with by the police, not the media.

            Anal sex, he has some strange theories but whether you like it or not, these are gender dynamics which feminists may not like to investigate because they like going through life with blinders on. Even with gay couples there tends to be a submissive and a dominant in the pair, a “top” and a “bottom” in gay couples, a “femme” and a “butch”, these things are rather inconvenient for feminists who like to believe there is no difference in gender dynamics.

            Many men don’t even like anal sex, so stop worrying about it, the advice Roosh gives is for a laugh, its pua, its guys being “bros” and if shooting the shit rustles your jimmies that hard because you take him to be dead serious and literal, that is your problem. I mean seriously, he suggests never washing your hair with shampoo for instance, I don’t see a danger of shampoo manufacturers profits dropping any time soon. So really, stop it with this roosh v hysteria.


            Btw he has a point with the rape allegations issue. Have you not learned your lesson yet?
            You will have to get over the title of that one, but it outlines the basic facts which are that the current rape hysteria on college campus’s was itself based on a probable false accusation itself. Laura Dunn was the case which sparked the indefinsibly bad study which was promoted by npr which ended up with the 1 in 5 rape myth which has been repeated by Obama himself. It all stemmed from a false rape. Now we are suffering from yes means yes and things like the UVA case where a woman who clearly was indoctrinated with this feminist rape hysteria before hand ended up making a false allegation herself.
            Even the infamous Jamie Leigh Jones case, the KBR contractor which was the poster child for rape in the military turned out to be yet another fake rape allegation, you are free to disagree with Roosh, but don’t pretend he doesn’t have valid reasons to hold the positions he does, or to put his ideas out in the way he chooses to based on the environment we currently live in.

          • If Roosh were simply left to his little PUA bubble, I wouldn’t even be mentioning him.

            But you and GG have put him on a pedestal, gone to great lengths to defend his ideas and statements. So yea, I’m going to target him so long as GG considers him one of the boys.

            Incidently, I am homosexual, I am fully aware of such dynamics, but news flash; it’s not designated by who wants to put something in my butt (which for a lesbian is going to be even more interesting).

          • Pedestal? You’ve had to explain his existence to many people already, which is rather strange if he’s on a pedestal.
            GG is concerned about gaming. You are concerned about peoples fringe politics on other subjects which is entirely unrelated and off topic, and irrelevant to the issue at hand.

            Again, what is the “correct” position on Israel and Palestine for a GG’er, sorry but your identity politics liptmus tests are exactly what GG is against.

      • You are correct, I do have an axe to grind with RooshV, but wouldn’t you have an axe to grind with someone who considers you an “inherently terrible person” for your gender?

        • And the fact that you DO and fail to show proof to back up your assertions is why I don’t take you seriously.

          • My assertions about Roosh?! Do I need to link you his articles with these lines?

          • Yes, because excuse me for not being interested in his PUA website.

          • “I thought about this problem and am sure I have the solution: make rape legal if done on private property. I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds. ” http://www.rooshv.com/how-to-stop-rape

            “Women Are Like Bread
            When a loaf comes out of the oven (puberty), it’s warm and delicious. You can’t help but stuff yourself. (18-24 years old)
            When you leave the loaf out, it gets a little hard. You have to heat it up with a toaster first, but it still won’t taste fresh. (25-29 years old)
            If you leave the bread out for too long, mold develops. You can cut away the mold, toast the bread, and still be able to eat it, but you won’t enjoy it. You’d have to be starving. (30-34 years old)
            If you leave it for even longer, mold takes over and completely destroys the bread. There is no way to excise the toxic portions. You must throw it away before the mold makes you sick. (35 and up)
            The lesson in this? Live next to the bakery.” http://www.returnofkings.com/28600/women-belong-at-home-not-at-the-office

            “If you end up having a daughter of your own, I highly recommend you limit her financial independence before she finds a husband. Refrain from giving her Think & Grow Rich advice that would be better suited for your son. Otherwise, she’ll become a slut who gives it up to any man who dances a good clown jig.” http://www.rooshv.com/the-most-reliable-way-to-tell-if-a-girl-is-a-slut

            “Effective immediately, any one who replies to a female on this web site will be immediately banned. And don’t try to get sneaky by addressing a female comment outside of the thread she started. There will be no appeal, and if you try to return under another disqus account, that will be banned too. I’ve realized the problem is not just females commenting here, but the men who reply to their stupid comments. As always, females and homos will also be banned.” http://www.returnofkings.com/30942/you-will-be-banned-if-you-reply-to-a-female-commenter

            And that’s just a sampler. I got a lot…a LOT more.

          • Wow… just… wow.

          • But that doesn’t mean he hates women, does it?

          • Intellectual dishonesty much?
            Roosh made an argument, a thought experiment, a troll for laughs.
            What did he actually say.

            Women are like bread? People age, their smv, aka sexual market value drops with age at different rates, and there is a difference in how it works between men and women, young women who are attractive are born millionaires and grow poor, men are born poor, and grow rich with effort. These are the fundamental differences people need to understand and account for because life isn’t fair, and its better to tell them the truth than to mislead them with lies, while it might hurt the feminists feelings that her degree or wealth doesn’t actually make her more attractive than a younger woman, feminism can’t change biology, and people are better off being informed than misinformed, as feminists seem to constantly insist on doing.

            “Sluts” article? Again, just more truth feminism likes to pretend it can just lie its way around, you can disagree with him all you want, but he hasn’t said anything that wrong.

            I could easily argue that if you really hated women, you’d argue that women should be as promiscuous as they could possibly be, damn the consequences, because who cares right?

            I”m sure you have a lot more, because you can take anything out of context or read anything in the worst way possible to find a grievance.

            If you are going to be consistent BTW, I want you to denounce muslims and the koran, which frankly by any honest assessment contains things a thousand times worse than roosh v.

    • Great way to misrepresent what is being said, there is a point to be made about the shameless agenda based pandering in media pushing the idea of female soldiers being magically being able to fight men, to a point where reaxxion has to fight back. I don’t think they have a problem with fantasy games where characters are detached from reality and thus the normal rules no longer apply. But this is a real problem, where women are inserted into situations which just make things even less believable and do not contribute to the story or fun factor in any way, and is just done to pander.
      Reaxxion just understands and acknowledges that men and women are different, and so the author understands why choices can be made for the sake of gameplay or story, while feminists just mindlessly push female characters only selectively. I’ll just ask you a simple question, if female representation is so important, why don’t feminists demand 50% of the mooks or henchmen we shoot, stab, kill and obliterate, to be women. Why don’t you demand this violence against women on a massive scale.
      Feminists don’t even dare ask or answer these questions, which is why their assessments of gender in things like games and narrative are always fundamentally disingenuous.




      Aurini explains some of this, and yes I already know your objection to him, which is the problem, the fixation on the person and their politics and not their argument, its fundamentally invalid way to go about things

      Gender matters. Its why even feminists would balk at the idea if the roles in the movie the Titanic were reversed and Rose drowned so Jack could live. The problem is their ideological blinders don’t allow them to think about why this is so.

      • Not being a feminist (Long story there), I can’t tell you why they dont’ call for it. Personally, I DO call for more female mooks to be availible to destroy. I can’t tell you how warm I smiled at seeing female FBI agents trying to gun me down during the Hoxton Breakout scenario of Payday 2. Overkill, god I love those guys. They met the business end of my akimbo magnums anyway, of course.

        And yea, I do disregard this guy, considering that he has called me a whore for the crime of being born in Western culture.

        • Its very simple why they dont’ call for more females to be stabbed to death, shot to death, beheaded and just massacred, because they too blindly go along with the gynocentric nature of society, just deliberately making sure those blinders never come off so they can examine why there is more distaste to females being harmed even in fiction or virtual spaces than with men. I’m sure even the feminists who are aware enough still won’t acknowledge it because it breaks down the lie they tell about society being hateful of women, when it in fact does everything it can to protect women, excessively so, which is frankly what they exploit when they constantly damsel themselves and allow themselves to be held to much lower standards then men are. Its why women like Sarkeesian are never called to account for the lies they tell, its why they aren’t openly called for their cowardice, she won’t defend her ideas against criticism in open debate or even acknowledge the existence of criticism. She gets away with all this because she is a woman, benevolent sexism strips her of accountability, but she exploits and plays the role to raise her own profile to make money.
          Again, why won’t women watch stories where women die to save men. Its only fair right? Titanic should have a women drown for her love, but instead that never happens. Feminists don’t ask why, and they don’t care to ask why.
          And the same goes for the deaths in games and fiction, they don’t ask why men are expendable, they just want the benefits without the costs, which is frankly not fair is it.
          And you disregard Aurini at your own peril, whether you like his politics or not, he understands why certain female characters work and why roles do not work because he isn’t blinded by feminism. Its not a mystery to him why people don’t think twice about shooting down thousands of men and not women instead. Its not a matter of if you feel ok with killing and abusing women, its whether feminists and sjw’s will. Because right now, people like Anita will walk past hundreds of dead male characters to wail over the harm one virtual female has faced, that is the level of concern she has for women, and disregard she has for men. And again, how many women do you think would really pay for stories where women die so men can live.
          Aurini’s rant about western culture and “whores” is again, more about decadence and degradation of society than what feminists imagine he’s saying.

          • I frankely could give two fucks whether feminists and SJW’s are fine with mowing down masses of female mooks. I have no issue with it whatsoever. I see enemies. That’s it. I give nothing for the harm that imaginary characters face.

            I do not want society to protect me. Society being unreliable at it is just one reason why not, but if nothing else, it infantilizes me like Roosh was talking about. Yea, society does that, and I resent it, because in the end it does me as a woman…as a human being…no good. Unlike Roosh, however, I’m not keen on a law that makes it legal for a father to rape the female relative living in his home at his whim to achieve that. I do not believe in ends always justifying the means.

          • If you don’t understand why they aren’t “fine” with it, then you don’t understand the problem.

            But again, good job on misrepresenting what roosh said.

  22. http://pastebin.com/rZ389pwA
    What of the countless other people in gamergate? Just a tiny fraction of what is out there.
    Again, you seem to take the sjw group think conformity and apply that to gamergate, which is a fundamental mistake. Very few GG people know or care who the founder of NotYourShield is, they support the project and that is all they are concerned with, your petty concerns about an individuals politics to miss the wider concern are exactly what gamers are against. Again, vox who? Roosh? He’s a pua? So what, he says many things to deliberately instigate because he’s simply illustrating a point to provoke discussion, and its not surprising feminists completely miss what is being said to gape at some headline or whatever from roosh.
    Again, show me where roosh says that women shouldn’t be in games? His type of argument is that women shouldn’t be given irrational concessions at the expense of men. Aka if Anita Sarkeesian is butthurt over some game men like, she should make her own, funded from her own investors, not attempt to bludgeon male developers into producing the content she finds acceptable. If women want to play male dominated game genre’s, that fine as long as they respect the male space, no different than how bronies do not force my little pony to change for a male demographic, its just basic consideration which feminists completely lack.
    The notables of gamergate are in the tag,and on the streams and its a democratic process of consensus.
    While anti GG has people like Arthur Chu making the rounds in the media, constantly telling lies about everything. Its a strange thing that ideological conformity is more important to the sjw’s than the truth, it doesn’t matter how many lies are told, because for the sjw, the core value they believe in is that the ends justifies the means.

    • >Again, show me where roosh says that women shouldn’t be in games?

      I’ve not called for anything to change in the “space”. I’ve been a part of it, and heck, even with the venom being spat getting worse by the month, I love it enough to stay with it and defend it from the barbarians at the gate.

      But I do not love it…or anything for that matter…enough to call people who at times don’t even regard me as a human fucking being my allies just because they’ve got a standing beef with feminists. I’ll defend my hobby without them, thank you very much. We beat the US Congress, Hillary Clinton, Tipper Gore, and Jack Thompson without hopping in bed with the likes of Vox Day and Roosh. I see no reason to change that fact.

      • GunsmithKitten, sorry your pattern of deliberately choosing to interpret things in the most literal way possible when it suits you does you no favors.

        Its part of why gamergate exists, people are tired of having their intelligence insulted, the points roosh makes are not what you are claiming.

        Your obsession with roosh is notably lonely in this discussion, because its entirely unrelated to gamergate. As long as roosh isn’t telling feminists how they can make their games, it doesn’t matter. Your obsession with ideology litmus tests is really “problematic”.

        And no, you can’t say everything was fine because previous battles were won. The nature of this battle is very different, as the media and the games journalists turned on us and stabbed us in the back.

  23. I’m not seeing that in the comments. I’m seeing some people explaining the out-of-context random quotes you’ve pulled from some guy you have a personal grudge with but not backing the statements themselves because, again, GGers are individuals and no one but you seems to know/care who this person even is. The mistake you’re repeatedly making is accusing thousands of people of performing the actions of one nobody and the constant attacks on my comments section is making my willingness to even look into the person dwindle.

    • Apparently I’m not the only person who knows about him. Shucky Ducky knows Roosh well enough to explain what a great guy he is and how his words make sense, or at least, are just him goofing around. Yea, I do have a personal grudge with him, as should you, considering he thinks men should be allowed to rape you if you enter their property. A man who thinks my uncle, who did just that when I was visiting his house, should have been let off scot free because his niece was on his property. According to this man, I should have known better and not attended a family function! You goddamned right I have a personal axe to grind with him!

      If you’re cool with that state of affairs, then that’s a level of thinking I can’t even begin to touch. I ain’t gifted or well paid enough to explain the psyche of a woman who is fine with it.

      And you misunderstand; I’m not accusing all of GG for anything except one single solitary thing, and that solitary thing is abiding by and even coming to the defense of people who really are everything the Sarkeesians and the Wu’s accuse GG as a whole of being. If you don’t like being accused of being misogynist, maybe a good course of action is not to cozy up to actual misogynists!

      • Yes I’m sure ShuckyDucky also speaks on behalf of thousands of people, plenty who don’t know him/her either.

        Certainly you destroying my comments section with your personal grudges are an act of someone of completely sound mind.


      • You want to see the ugly truth GunsmithKitten?


        The person behind the recent campaign for censorship pushed by the sjws?
        Look at how they exploit the mentally ill, even Katherine Cross is in there encouraging this person instead of getting them help, this is how much they really care about people with problems.

  24. Drama is what these people live for, not the face of trauma there that’s for certain.

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