FAN-MADE: ‘Avengers vs X-Men’ Trailer Makes The Case For Crossover Event

May 21, 2016


For people who say that the trailer is Fake, well, obviously. I didn’t make this trailer to fool or scam anyone, it’s just a fan trailer. This is just a concept fan trailer for a Avengers vs X-Men movie. This was made for fun.

Alex Luthor, has made an interesting supercut fan trailer of what an Avengers vs X-Men crossover event film could look like.

It makes a good case for the two studios to work things out, which could help with the meddling Ike Perlmutter out of the way over at Marvel Studios thanks to a move by Disney’s Bob Iger, and Kevin Feige is allowed to make the films he wants without conflicts.

We recently learned from Kevin Feige they have many different versions of scripts lying around at Marvel Studios, that include the characters they have film rights to and some that they don’t, Spider-Man was clearly apart of their Captain America: Civil War plans from the get-go, but almost didn’t make it the final cut due to Sony’s stubbornness to find common-ground. Sony Japan actually had to drop the hammer to make the deal with Marvel happen. Spidey’s original role was then given to Black Panther, but they made room to give Spider-Man two scenes in the film.

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There likely is a world where Fox and Marvel make nice, similar to the Marvel and Sony deal to share characters to help each other’s films. At this point Fox is indeed in a stronger position, but still manage to fall-behind the rest of the big films struggling to push past the $800M mark with their X-Men films.

While X-Men: Apocalypse is sounding like a fun event, it most likely won’t surpass the box office of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Basically, the X-Men films are sort of capped between $300-770M. A huge crossover film could be the thing that finally puts them into the billion dollar box office club, and it’s hard to ignore the extra buzz Spider-Man‘s solo film is now getting from the Civil War bump.

Considering the Marvel cinematic has characters like Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange that can bend reality and open different dimensions there are comic book ways to make this work, without having mutants being in any of the Marvel films.

A version of House of M is way more plausible than Avengers vs X-Men, as they don’t have a history together in the cinematic sense, the weight of the story would be lost. It would be like having Civil War before the events Avengers or Age of Ultron took place.

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Really comes down to 20th Century Fox opening a line of dialog with Kevin Feige, as we know people like producers Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner want a crossover to happen. Deadpool director Tim Miller even mention hoping to build a bridge between the two studios. All three creatives have strong relationships with Feige, that could help things a lot when trying to convince Fox to make this sort of move.

The Russo Brothers recently mentioned they’d love to get their hands on Wolverine, and with his potential character retirement happening at the end of Wolverine 3, they could get their wish. This all depends if X-23 really does end-up taking over the mantle from Logan, allowing for the character to maybe make his new home in the MCU.

Deadpool‘s side of the universe more so than anything else leaves the door-open for a crossover, and at this point the X-Men continuity is so wacky they could do anything with these characters, as the canon is super malleable.


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