Fans bring back Megaman X

Jul 1, 2016


Megaman X Corrupted

Publisher: JKB Games

Release date: TBA

Let down by Mighty No. 9? Don’t fret because a better Megaman game is on it’s way. Megaman X Corrupted is still in development, but looks like a challenging metroidvania and this gamer can’t wait to play it! The game has been in development for five years now. The game is not on Kickstarter and the developers are not accepting donations in order to avoid copyright issues with Capcom.

The game looks and plays like the original SNES Megaman X games, but this time Zero is a playable character. The levels and bosses are all new. The game will bring back power suits from the last games and two of which, will be customizable. Some other major planned features of the game will include a mini-map, open-world, and include save points and checkpoints. Other new features will be a leveling and skill point system. Players will have the ability to build X or Zero how they want. Players will also have more control over their movement compared to the last games. The story will take place in an alternative timeline after Megaman X5 where Axel does not exist.

The last update to make it’s way to the public is the game’s controller support is fully operational. Any updates on the game can be found on the developers, JKB Games, Facebook page. Their latest post on Facebook has a video of an air bike battle scene. It looks awesome and brings memories of good old 90s arcade games. Other exciting levels and videos of game play are also found on their Facebook page.

The game does not have a release date yet, but will be free on launch. 


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