Fast Racing Neo performs at 60 FPS, Sacrifices Resolution

Dec 14, 2015

Fast Racing Neo made its Wii U debut over the weekend, filling gamers’ F-Zero void, just without Captain Falcon and company. While we are still awaiting our review of this title, the initial reports are that, on a technical level, Fast Racing Neo is a wonderful example of great game design.

Our friends out Digital Foundry recently performed a tech analysis and frame-rate test for developer Shin’en Multimedia’s racer. Check out their results!

Some highlights of Digital Foundry’s analysis:

  • Fast Racing Neo holds a consistent 60 frames per second  with only a few dips in fps.
  • The game is outputted at 720p, but it’s actually rendered at 640p. This occasionally results in a slightly pixelated look – even at high speeds.
  • Due to the low resolution,  there are a great deal of visual artifacts throughout the game.
  • The size of the game is just 590 MB.

What are your thoughts on Fast Racing Neo? Will it be filling your F-Zero void?  Please let us know in the comments below!