Featured Cosplayer: Allison “Katgotclaws”

Jul 9, 2014


Name: Allison (Katgotclaws)

City: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Twitter: @Alikatz12
Facebook: fb.com/katgotclawscosplay
Photographer: Sarah Wells, and Daniel Dombek

What is your First Cosplay Experience?
I went to a youth gathering (Halloween Party) in a full blown Haruko FLCL outfit, which I cannot find the jacket my sister had made for the life of me. Which makes me very sad.

How long have you been cosplaying? 
I have been cosplaying for at least 3 years now, in the full blown attire.

What is your favorite cosplay you have worn/created? 
I’d have to say my favorite/creating was powergirl. The keyhole part I did very…how should a say..dumb luck.. Haha. But I reinforced it with elastic band which helps so much. Though I am looking forward to making a new 52 powergirl. (not the “P” outfit, but issue 18, and 19 of Supergirl)

If you had unlimited resources what cosplay(s) would you create?
Oh geesh. Darth Talon, Oola, Scout Imperial Trooper, Fey Cowboy bebop, Demon Hunter Diablo 3, Guyver, Samus (power suit), Femme robocop, Troll shaman (WoW) in some kind of arena gear, and Black Cat. Can’t think of anything else.

What advice would you offer others trying to break into cosplay?
For the making the costume part: It’ll be tough, and sometimes you’ll freak out if something isn’t just right, but be calm, and everything will be alright. For wearing the costume: Be the nicest and sweetest person you can possibly be! You are setting an example of who your character is, and when people want to take a picture with you, you say thank you!!! Because they wanted a picture with you and your hard work, and most of all the love you have for this character! 🙂

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