February’s Loot Crate inspires you to BUILD

Feb 23, 2017

What is Loot Crate?

Loot Crate is a monthly mystery subscription box catered to Geeks and Fans of pop culture. Inside each box includes awesome and often exclusive items such as collectibles, t-shirts, toys and more. For the price of 13.95 a month plus $6 shipping and handling, you guaranteed to get $45+ value in every crate.

February’s theme: BUILD
Of course we got Spoilers for those interested!

February’s Loot Items included:

  • Power Rangers Megazord Pin
  • Megazord Blueprint Shirt
  • Tetris Flexible Magnet Sheet
  • Lego Dimensions Fun Pack
  • Lego Batman Head Food Container

Lego Dimensions Fun Pack – I got Wonder Woman. I’ve never played the LEGO Dimensions game but I’m all for Legos, my son will enjoy adding it to his collection. The Characters that looters can receive are between Benny, Wonder Woman, Cyborg Unikitty, or Bad Cop. It also came with Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. For those familiar with LEGO Dimensions, you can link this Lego to your game.

Tetris Magnets – Magnets are cool and all but this is all I hear when I see these.

Batman Food Container – An actual food container with Batman’s head on it. I was impressed by the durability of it. It even is a rubber steal in the inside to actually lock food inside. Another item my son will love.

Megazord Blueprint shirt – Loot Crate’s shirts are always on-point and super comfy. The shirt shows the Megazord front and center and even lays out which part of the Megazord belongs to which Ranger as well as which parts go where. (Sticking with the build theme, of course)

Finally, My favorite item, believe it or not was the pin itself. As a casual pin collector, this one really stood out and features the original Megazord. The Megazord pin also grants you 3 Power Rangers digital comics from Comixology.

So what do you think of this month’s Loot Crate?

Next month’s theme is PRIMAL and will feature items from X-Men, Overwatch, and Predator. Don’t forget to subscribe by 3/19 if you don’t want to miss out.