FINALLY. Steam adds Xbox Controller Support.

Jan 6, 2017

PS4 controllers have been added last year. But, gamers with Xbox and Generic Controllers have been left out — until now.

Thanks to Steam’s latest update, native support for Xbox Controllers (and generic X-input controllers) can be used with any game within the online service. As well, no more 3rd party mapping software to meddle with!!

For games that include controller support, Steam will by automatically recommend buttons for actions that are best suited for the controller. If your multi-button, thumb rotating, gamer tech is not supported by the chosen game, you can now map buttons for your modifying pleasure directly in the Steam editor.

One caveat, for now, is that you’ll need to gain access to Beta participation. Here’s how to opt in:

  • Once in Steam, choose the Account Tab in your Steam Settings.
  • Click on Change..
  • .. under the Beta participation area, choose Steam Beta Update from the drop-down.


Once that’s done, it’s time to customize your controller with these steps:

  • Enter Big Picture mode
  • Choose Controller Settings Tab in the Settings menu.
  • Check enable configuration.
  • Choose Your Game.
  • Select Manage Game.
  • Navigate to Controller Configuration.
  • Go nuts. Get crazy. Customize.

Check out the Steam Community and to learn all updates (including Linux Love and Controller Support) wrapped up in Steam’s latest features here.

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