Fistful Of Frags, A Different Kind of FPS

Feb 13, 2015



Fistful Of Frags is a completely free western style FPS (First Person Shooter) game where you have to be very focused and quick thinking. It runs on the Source Engine and is one of the most solid and fun FPS games I have ever played. It has a plethora of weapons to choose from, and yes you can dual wield pistols.

Dual wielding is one of my favorite things in games, it adds a new way to fight

The Gameplay: The general gameplay is centered around deathmatch. It has its slow moments, and yet, it can be a fast paced thrill ride at others. This game is so insanely different from other FPS games because you die extremely fast and you have to be really good at aiming if you want to get a shot off before the enemy can. The way you handle guns in this game is what really sets it apart from other games. In this game you have to use a button to walk and regain your accuracy because running gives you 1% accuracy on most guns, this slow down to do more damage aspect makes the combat very fun because you and the enemy are slowed down and have to get the most shots on each other with very fast draining health, this makes you able to get 3 kills extremely fast, but then die on the fourth guy instantly. You can also throw dynamite and knives at enemies that do a ton of damage if you hit them, but they are very hard to aim. The gunplay really feels nice and smooth. It takes a bit to get used to it, but altogether, I think this is the strongest point in this game. Also you can kick enemies down the stair which looks hilarious, You will know what I’m saying if you have ever played Garry’s Mod.

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The Maps: Every good shooter has to have interesting maps, all while not distracting from the gameplay. Fistful Of Frags does this very well by making interesting and detailed maps based on western towns and such. There is also a train that runs you over every time you’re not looking at it. I would have to say that the inside of these buildings look very nice and western-ish. Personally my favorite map is fof_robertlee which is a map where you are all on a big ship and there are narrow hallways perfect for big shootouts. There are also things such as pianos that play music when you interact with them, entirely breakable bars, and winter maps where you walk on slippery ice unable to aim very well.

This is fof_robertlee. I got these screenshots by using noclip

This is what fof_robertlee looks like

The Gamemodes: There are many different game modes in Fistful Of Frags, some are team deathmatch, some are capture points, basic deathmatch style game modes. But the really unique mode is one where you get kills that give you money and with that money you can buy better weapons. Generally that mode starts out in a big fist fight and ends up in a sniper battle where everyone that moves on the ground dies instantly because of the people who sit in the rooftops with their sniper rifle. I would have to say that the game modes are not very different from most games, but combined with the gameplay the have a whole different experience then what you might expect.

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Altogether Fistful Of Frags gets a huge amount of approval from me for not following the same cookie-cutter recipe that every Call of Duty game uses, and instead sets itself apart by making the guns hard to use and health drain faster.  I recommend you try this game as soon as possible, it is just awesome. It also has no “Micro-Transactions” (I know most gamers hate those things). If you want to get it on steam it is for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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