Fox’s The Exorcist attempts to recreate magic of the original film (TV Review)

Sep 28, 2016


tumblr_o94bmrgcii1qb9nsso1_r2_1280When I first heard The Exorcist was in-development to become a television show, a strange tingling sensation took over my body, from my neck to my L5 vertebrae. This was not a shiver that resembled joy, but more of a dreadful feeling. How dare Fox take on my most beloved horror film of all time, and try to turn it into a television series? I took a deep breath and told myself to go into it with an open mind. I did the same with Damien (The spinoff series of The Omen), and I’m glad I did as I found myself in love with Glen Mazzara’s version. Lets just say taking a deep breath didn’t quite help. From the moment I pressed play, I started to fall deep into the abyss of disappointment.

We meet Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) as he stands in front of his congregation. Delivering his sermon which he believes you should ask questions to God. Right away we, the viewers, see that his faith is not secure. There are some moments that insinuate this may be due to the decisions he has made in his life outside of the Church, but no concrete evidence as of this premiere episode. Further testimony of his loyalty to a higher being is also on display when he takes a meeting with Angela Rance (Geena Davis). She tells him that there are voices coming from within the walls, and objects moving in the house. Father Tomas does not believe her and is quite the cynic to this theory. Until he has a visions in his dreams of a profound priest performing an exorcism on a small boy in Mexico.

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I was disappointed in this show. One way to change this for the better is by dropping the name and calling it something else.  Here are two suggestions:The Demon Within or The Possession perhaps. This series has nothing to do with the original classic film whatsoever. Well, besides the great original theme music. No recurring characters from the film or any of its sequels make any appearance in the show. Unless someone shows up at a later date. The one thing this show does have, is great acting. Everyone does a wonderful job and is believable.   Alfonso Herrera is why I will be tuning in again next week to continue this story. One more thing Fox, please drop the scare tactics. Possession and the Devil is freighting enough. We do not need cheap parlor tricks to make us jump. I still hold hope that this will improve but I might just call it by another name.

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“The Exorcist” airs Fridays on Fox.

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